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What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a service provided by the University Advisors for students who want an academic boost.  Short videos on MyLMU Connect offer study strategies for topics your LMU peers said they needed most.

In addition to online materials and reminders, the University Advisors are available for one-on-one appointments to tailor strategies to your personal academic needs or challenges. 

What topics do you cover?

  • Balancing Time Commitments (Time Management)
  • Preparing For Exams
  • Note-Taking Techniques
  • Critical Reading
  • Study Groups
  • And Many More . . .

Who should use Kickstart?

Any student who wants an academic boost can use our services, but most materials target new LMU freshmen.

How do I sign up?

Get access by . . .

  • Contact the University Advisors at and request access.  We'll do the rest and send you login instructions, or . . .
  • Login to MyLMU Connect as normal, and use the "search organizations" box to search for "Kickstart!"  Click the drop-down arrow to join.

Once you've got access, you can check out the content 24/7 via MyLMU Connect, right alongside your courses.  Kickstart! will be in the "My Organizations" box.

Other Kickstart opportunities to build your resume . . .

Using the service allows you to become a Kickstart Reviewer, Contributor, or receive our Certificate of Completion.  These are unpaid opportunities, but each allows students to build their resume and continue improving our materials at the same time!

What are these roles?

  1. Kickstart Reviewer:  By watching a select number of videos and completing a "Kickstart Review Form" for each, you can become an official "Reviewer."  Your contributions will help us edit video content and discover new topics of interest.
  2. Kickstart Contributor: These students provide content through a combination of video reviews, short content pieces like their own blogs and videos that provide a student's perspective on strategies that work.
  3. Kickstart Certificate of Completion:  Students who watch all of our videos and demonstrate their learning may receive our Certificate of Completion, showing future employers their commitment to academic success and time management.

Try a Sample Video . . . 

Not sure if Kickstart is right for you?  Here's a taste of the practical and big-picture tips you'll find in our videos.  



To find out more . . .

To find out more about the research behind and development of Kickstart, please email


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