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What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a service provided by the University Advisors for students who want an academic boost.  Online materials through MyLMU Connect offer study strategies for topics your LMU peers said they needed most.

In addition to online materials and reminders, the University Advisors are available for one-on-one appointments to tailor strategies to your personal academic needs or challenges. 

You can also register for our 1-unit course dedicated to applying research-supported strategies to studying in your current classes.  Learn more by watching the video below and reading this page.


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How can I get 1 unit of credit for studying?

Any student of any class standing can register for our 1-unit course.  We focus on metacognition: self-awareness of how you think.  The more you learn about how you think, the easier it is to discover how you learn best.

University Advisors work with you one-on-one and in group sessions to understand your strengths and challenges, and our classwork is applied to your current courses. 

To perform well in our course, you must be dedicated to recording your performance on assignments, reflecting on the strategies you used to get there, and occasionally trying new strategies when you want to change.  Make sure you bring all of your course syllabi and your current assignments with you when you come to class.

To enroll in the course . . .Spring 2016 Registration Info

Register as you would for any other class.

Class time is 1 hour and 15 mins per week.

Register for CRN: 77169 (LIBA 1070.02)

Wednesdays from 4:30-5:45pm in PER 206.


How is the course graded? The course is Credit/Fail, which means:

  • If you earn a "C" or better, you receive the 1-unit of credit; it will have no impact on your GPA. 
  • If you earn less than a "C," you will receive an "F" which will impact your GPA. Come with an open mind and a goal to work hard in your classes and you're well on your way to earning credit!

Can I take the course more than once for credit? 

  • The course number varies in Fall and Spring semesters, which means you can take it twice for credit. 
  • While the courses may look like parts I & II, you can take them in either order.
  • Students who return for a second semester will have some variation in their assignments.  Work is never duplicated exactly as all homework applies to your current courses!

Have more questions?  Email with any questions!

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What topics do you cover?

  • Balancing Time Commitments (Time Management)
  • Metacognition and College Expectations
  • Test Preparation
  • Note-Taking Techniques
  • Critical Reading
  • Study Group Strategies
  • Oral Communication and Presentation Skills
  • And Many More . . .

Each topic area above includes a  variety of resources. 

For example, our online oral communication resources include:

  • Recommendations Video from our Kickstart Student Editor (a Communication Studies major)
  • Time management for oral communication projects (for individuals and group projects)
  • Development process worksheet for presentations and public speaking
  • Powerpoint vs. Prezi "Which is right for your project?"
  • Powerpoint vs. Prezi overview video
  • Long-form content from our workshop

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Who should use Kickstart?

Any student who wants an academic boost can use our services, but most materials target new LMU students, such as freshmen and transfer students. 

Staff and faculty sometimes include Kickstart as an optional or required part of their courses and programs.

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How can faculty use Kickstart?

Faculty may contact at any time to discuss your thoughts on Kickstart, to offer contributions, or to collaborate with us on a classroom session or assignment.  We particularly strive to address topics and skills addressed in the LMU core curriculum.  For example, as more faculty include oral communication components in their curricula, we've included more resources to support the need. 

Any of our Kickstart content may be adapted to:

  • Individualized support:
    • 30 minute or 1 hour appointments are available to students when they contact the ARC at 310.338.2847 to book a Kickstart appointment.
  • Classroom Visits are available in the following formats:

    • 10 minute: recommendations tailored to your course, including an overview of our online/in-person support and/or a discipline-specific discussion with instructor.
    • 50 minute: a presentation and at least one whole-class activity.  Adaptations for specific courses are possible with the collaboration of the instructor.

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How do I sign up?

Some students receive access to Kickstart automatically.  Check to see if you have access by . . .

  1. Log on to MyLMU Connect
  2. Find the "My Organizations" box on your homepage
  3. Click on "Kickstart!"

If you do not already have access, current LMU students, faculty, and staff can request access by . . .

  • Contacting the University Advisors at and request access.  We'll do the rest and send you login instructions.

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Other Kickstart opportunities to build your resume . . .

Kickstart includes optional tasks based on your current coursework.  Complete these tasks to earn achievements; these achievements can be exported (if you choose) to platforms such as LinkedIn.  You can let future employers know, for example, that you've successfully completed a series on time management.


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Try a Sample Video . . . 

Not sure if Kickstart is right for you?  Here's a taste of the practical and big-picture tips you'll find in our videos. The video below is one of seven note-taking strategies we explain.   Most videos are under five minutes.



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To find out more . . .

To find out more about the research behind and development of Kickstart, please email

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