Testimonials from students, mentors, and parents 

"The First To Go program at LMU has really given me a support system that has helped me throughout college whether it be finding new places to study or simply just getting vital information every student needs to succeed in college. The most helpful information that FTG has given me was the First To Go Academy because the week of events gave us all the information we needed to know about graduate school. It is hard to be the first in your family to go to college and it is just as hard to be the first to go to graduate school."
Paige Coleman, sociology major, transfer student

"Being a part of the First To Go Program has been a life changing experience for me.  From an educational perspective, FTG provided me with resource that set me up for success during my master’s program.   Also, I was fortunate enough to be able to work as the graduate assistant and learn so much about the program. Working during the summer for the scholars’ orientation solidified my career path and encourage me to one day implement a FTG program at another institution."
Anthony Flores, alumni and mentor

The First To Go program has really helped me transition from high school to college by offering a great base of support. I now have a strong group of friends who I can always rely on thanks to this program. The amazing mentors also offer support whenever I need it. Not to mention, the large First To Go community itself is always friendly and vibrant. This program has exposed me to many resources that are offered at LMU, which I would have otherwise never found. I definitely encourage other first-generation students to join this program over the years because of the strong support that this program offers.
Kevin Mazariegos, business administration major and First To Go Scholar

"We knew LMU was an outstanding university, and we were both honored and excited that Sarina was accepted. Nonetheless, taking the first steps to accepting admission was unfamiliar and a bit scary. Dr. Rease-Miles was so generous with her time and so supportive of Sarina having the best college experience. The First To Go Program has solidified our decision to join the LMU family and we are so grateful for all of their help and support."
Sandy Ortiz, Parent

"I was really overwhelmed at the start of the summer and nervous about college. The guidance of First To Go opened my eyes to the possibility of double majoring. Because of the First To Go Program I am confident and even more excited about embarking on my college career at LMU."
Sarina Ramirez-Ortiz, psychology and dance double major and First To Go Scholar