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Job Shadow May 2015Job Shadow Group Photo Ishi Jones

The students pictured in the photograph on the left are attending a pre-shadow workshop.
Pictured left to right are Cameron Gray, Cathleen Deleon, Mariana Ugalde, Serena Ji, and Sarah Poblano.

What is the Job Shadow Experience?
The Job Shadow Experience offers students an opportunity to work with a full-time staff or faculty member at LMU for a day (or a few days) during the spring semester to get a sense of what that individual does in a typical work day. We will pair up students with faculty or staff according to interests and schedule. This year, we will be able to accept 6 students.

Potential shadow activities include:
• Observing interactions with colleagues
• Conducting informational interviews with staff
• Attending meetings
• Helping out with office tasks, reports, or projects
• Learning office policies and procedures
• Touring facilities

Students who complete the Job Shadow Experience will: 
• Understand how to conduct an informational interview
• Explore the culture and fit of a specific office/department 
• Be able to articulate a few best practices for professional interactions (introducing self and role, office etiquette, networking through mentor’s connections, follow up or thank you messages, dress attire, etc.)
• Learn how to create or revise a working resume
• Compare and contrast the job shadow experience with personal interests/values for increased self-knowledge about career preferences

The Job Shadow Experience will take place during the semester over a day (or days) agreed upon between the mentor and the student.  We will pair up students with faculty or staff according to interests and schedule.  More information will be coming soon.