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First To Go Mentors

Mentor & Mentee

Pictured: Skylar McNiel, Study Abroad Coordinator, and mentee, Rubyann Park, sophomore Political Science major

The First To Go mentors are LMU faculty and staff members who identify as first generation college students.  The mentor program aims to provide a stable support system to aid students in their transition  to college life.  The mentor-mentee relationship aspires to foster a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the students.  The mentors encourage participants to voice out their concerns and difficulties, may it be academic, financial, or social; but they also celebrate all of their mentee's successes.  Most importantly, mentors serve as advocates for their mentees.
Dr. Rebeca Acevedo Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literature
Dr. Hawley Almstedt Associate Professor, Health and Human Sciences Department
Raymundo (Ray) Andrade Library Assistant, Cataloging, Outreach
El-Lenor Barbre Resident Director, Student Housing Office
Dr. Ronald Barrett Chair/Professor, Department of Psychology
Fr. Thomas M. Batsis Executive Director, Center for Catholic Education
Dr. Jennifer Belichesky-Larson Director of First Year Experience, Faculty, Department of English
Dr. David Berube Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Dr. Carla Bittel Associate Professor, Department of History
Dr. Dexter Blackman Assistant Professor, Department of History
Dr. Elena Bove Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
Seranda Bray Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Kristine Brancolini Dean, William H. Hannon Library
Dr. Elizabeth Brewer Assistant Professor, Specialized Programs in Urban Education
Dr. Rae Linda Brown Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education, Professor, Department of Music
Roxanne Brown Career Counselor, Career Development Services
Dr. Marne Campbell Assistant Professor, African American Studies
Maria Cano Director, Academic Budgets and Planning, Office of the SVP Academic Affairs
Dr. Tina Choe Associate Dean and Professor, Seaver College of Science and Engineering
Jeanine Conner Administrative Assistant, Department of Theatre Arts
Sr. Joanne Connolly, S.S.J. Retired
Dr. Deanna Cooke Director of Engaged Learning
Carla Cruz Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Steve Desir Associate Director, Resident Life, Student Housing
Melissa de Vivar Resident Director, Student Housing
Adrian Doyle Associate Director, Study Abroad
Danelle Dyckhoff University Advisor, Academic Resource Center
Jennifer Renee Ellsperman Administrative Assistant, Student Engagement, Retention, and Transition
Lisa Piumetti Farland Executive Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Dr. Maruth Figueroa Director, Chicano Latino Student Services, Ethnic and Intercultural Services
Sherilyn Frazier Academic Advisor, Student Athlete Services
Dr. Angela Gallegos Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Fr. John Galvan, S.J. Chaplain, Campus Ministry, President's office
Cynthia Gonzalez Director of Development, Latino Alumni Association
Dr. Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu Assistant Professor, Department of Theological Studies
Irma Graciano Academic Records Coordinator, Registrar's Office
Lorianne Harrison-Reyes Student Affairs Associate, Student Housing
Dr. Joseph B. Hellige Executive Vice President and Provost
Beatrice Henson-O'Neal Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education
Fr. Stephen Hess, S.J. Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, School of Education
Dr. Linh Hua Assistant Professor, Department of Women's Studies
Dr. Robert Hurteau Director, Center for Religion and Spirituality
Dr. Amir Hussain Professor, Department of Theological Studies
Lori Husein Vice President for Finance/Controller, Controller's Office
Dr. Angela D. James Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies
Dr. Adriana Jaroszewicz Assistant Professor, Department of Animation
Dr. Paul Jimenez Clinical Faculty, School of Education 
Trammell Jones Resident Director, Student Housing Office
Dr. Karen Komosa Hawkins Assistant Professor, School of Education
A. J. La Pan Engagement and Assessment Coordinator, Student Housing 
Jin Lee Resident Director, Student Housing
Priscilla F. Levine Director, Disability Support Services
Dr. Holli Levitsky Director, Jewish Studies and Associate Professor of English
Dr. Stephanie Limoncelli Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Skylar Lowe Senior Coordinator, Study Abroad
Dr. Sandra Luca Director of Student Engagement, College of Science and Engineering
Dr. Ricardo Machon Professor, Department of Psychology
Doris Madrigal Associate Director, Teach for America Los Angeles, Specialized Programs in Urban Education
Dr. Juan Mah y Busch Assistant Professor, Department of English
Dr. Laura Massa Director of Assessment, Institutional Assessment
Dr. Herbert Medina Professor, Department of Mathematics
Elmira Melgoza Coordinator, Disability Support Services
Kimberly Misa  Research Associate, Intercultural Affairs
Aristotle Mosier Director, Asian Pacific Student Services
Dr. Ed Mosteig Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Annamaria Muraco Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Emma Neveu Alumni, Theatre Major
Shelly Pajka Academic Coordinator, Upward Bound
Ashley Patterson Program Coordinator, The Learning Community
Dr. Kevin (KJ) Peters Associate Professor, Department of English
Francesca Piumetti Associate Dean, Chief Judicial Officer
Antonio Plascencia, Jr. Program & Policy Development Advisor, LAUSD
Dr. Martina Ramirez Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Dr. La'Tonya Rease Miles Director, Academic Resource Center, Faculty, Department of English
Dr. Abbie Robinson-Armstrong Vice President, Intercultural Affairs
Norma Romero Director, Upward Bound
Dr. Robert Rovetti Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Dermot Ryan Assistant Professor, Department of English
Csilla Samay Director, International Outreach/ Associate Director of Admissions
Marshall Sauceda Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
Dr. Stella Setka Writing Instructor and First To Go Program Coordinator
Dr. Tracy Shaw Assistant Director, Student Psychological Services
Krysten Sims LMU Alumna
Jade Smith Interim Executive Director, Career Development Services, Dean, Student Engagement, Retention, and Transition
Connie Steinberg-Parra
Accounting Manager, Controller's Office
Dr. Brad Elliot Stone Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Chair, African American Studies
Dr. Hung Tran      Therapist, Student Psychological Services
Denise Valdez Administrative Assistant IV, School of Education
Esperanza Villegas Administrative Assistant, School of Education
Jessica Viramontes Program Coordinator, Center for Service and Action
Dr. Carolyn Viviano Associate Professor, Health and Human Sciences 
Dr. Elaine Walker Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Senior Academic Coordinator, School of Communications and Fine Arts
Rachel Wen-Paloutzian Librarian, Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library
Dr. Jeffrey Wilson Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Marcela Yerena Resident Minister, Campus Ministry