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Tutoring and other forms of academic support are meant to supplement, not replace, course instruction. We have found that students who attend class regularly, complete their assignments, and who meet with faculty during office hours in addition to using the ARC resources tend to outperform their peers.   The ARC does not offer private tutoring. Our services are for current LMU students only. 


Spring 2016 schedule:




Make an Appointment

Call 310.338.2847 or come in person to the ARC. Appointments are available in the ARC in Daum Hall.  Spring 2016 hours are:
  • M-R, 9am-6pm
  • F, 9am-4pm

Questions? Read our Writing FAQ.

Drop-In (No Appointment)

The WHH Library 

You may also drop in the ARC and wait for the next available tutor.

Online Appointment

Online writing tutoring!

ARC Tutors Fall 2015