Places to Study

Looking for cool places to study?

Our tutors (your peers!) have chosen their top picks for best study spots at and around LMU.


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Studying in the ARC

The ARC is a great study environment when the library is busy, when you need a change of pace, or when you'd like to stay near the freshmen dorms. 

Your group or organization may exclusively reserve the main area of the ARC suite in Daum Hall in the evenings and/or on the weekends!  Reservations may be requested by any member of the LMU campus community for academic purposes. To reserve the ARC suite, please complete the online resrvatiobn form: Reservation Form

During normal business hours, no reservation is needed to study in the ARC.  Here are several of our comfortable options:

ARC Group Study Room

Subject to availability, this room includes a computer, large white-board, and comfortably seats five.

shot from doorway


ARC Student Lounge

A great place to relax, chat, study, or wait for traffic conditions to improve.  The room has a couch, floor cushions, small whiteboard, microwave, mini-fridge, and more!

White-board with microwave etc. visible.vertical of couch & window, brighter, sharper


ARC Alcove

Subject to availability (this space is shared with some tutoring), the alcove comfortably seats six and has a medium-sized whiteboard.

Picture showing alcove with whiteboard visible.


ARC Computer Access

While printing is not currently available, we know that it can be hard to find computer space at crunch-time.  You are allowed to use any available computer.

Just shows a picture of an available computer