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Writing Lab - ENGL 115

What is the Writing Lab?

The University Writing Lab (ENGL 115) is one of the best ways to use the ARC's support!

If you sign up for the Writing Lab, you will receive one unit of credit for attending one 30-minute session per week with the same tutor.  Work on your assigned writing homework from any class each week: we do not assign you extra work; we help you get yours done!

To find out more about the lab and its expectations, please read our course syllabus:
ENGL 115 Syllabus

Registering for the University Writing Lab

The University Writing Lab is available for Spring 2015!
Remember, you can STILL make appointments for writing tutoring throughout the semester  - even if you are not in a lab.

If You're Enrolled In:
Register For:
Spring 2015 CRN For Registration:
Any LMU course(s) with many writing assignments ENGL 115: University Writing Lab 75400

Two Steps to Complete Registration:

  • Step 1:  Register on PROWL as you would any other class. If you are NOT registered on PROWL by the end of the first week of the new semester, you must do the following:
    • Print a General Petition form
    • Make an appointment with Ann Stenglein, ARC Writing Programs Coordinator, by contacting the Academic Resource Center (Daum Hall, 2nd floor, 310-338-2847). Bring your form to the appointment.
    • After receiving a signature from Ann, take your General Petition to your Dean's Office.
    • After receiving a signature from your Dean's Office, drop off the completed form at the Registrar's Office (VDA 150).
  • Step 2:  Once you are registered in the class, call or come in to the Academic Resource Center (Daum Hall, 2nd floor, 310-338-2847) to set up your weekly appointment time with a writing tutor for the semester.

Prepare to set your appointment by:

  • Reviewing your syllabi to determine when your drafts are commonly due; for example, drafts in your Philosophy course may always be due on Mondays. We suggest setting your lab appointment one or two days before your regular draft deadlines.
  • Looking at your weekly schedule to ensure you are able to arrive on time and stay the entire 30 minute appointment.

Writing lab appointments begin the third week of the semester, so you must have your appointment set by the end of the first week of classes.

Coming Back For More?

Since the University Writing Lab (English 115) can be taken with any writing intensive courses, can I take it more than once?

  • Yes, you can take ENGL 115 up to 3 times.