FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Alpha Sigma Nu?

    Alpha Sigma Nu is an international honor society founded at Marquette University in 1915. Membership is limited to those students in Jesuit institutions of higher education who possess to an outstanding degree the qualities of scholarship, loyalty and service. Induction into Alpha Sigma Nu is one of the highest student honors awarded at LMU and on Jesuit campuses throughout the world.

  • Who is eligible for Alpha Sigma Nu?

    To be eligible for induction into the LMU chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu, student members must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at Loyola Marymount University or Loyola Law School. Undergraduate students must have completed at least 60 credit hours toward completion of their degree program. In addition, undergraduate transfer students must have completed at least 45 credit hours at LMU or another Jesuit college or university. Graduate students must have completed at least half of the credit hour requirements for their program.


    Undergraduate students nominated for membership in the Society must have scholastic rank in the top fifteen percent of their class. Graduate students nominated for membership in the Society must have scholastic rank in the top fifteen percent of their degree program or department. In all cases, students must have distinguished themselves in displaying qualities of loyalty and service.

  • What makes a student ineligible for membership?

    All students identified as meeting the basic scholastic eligibility requirements identified above must be cleared by their Dean, Judicial Affairs, and the LMU President. If a student is not cleared by all bodies, he/she is ineligible and will not be invited to apply.

  • Who determines the 15% who are eligible to apply?

    The LMU ASN Chapter works with the Registrar's Office to identify students meeting the basic eligibility requirements in September of each year. The Registrar's report is the only report accepted by the LMU ASN Chapter.

  • How many students are accepted?

    According to the ASN by-laws, the Chapter may nominate in a single academic year (a) not more than four percent of the full-time enrollment of the junior class, plus (b) not more than four percent of the full-time enrollment of the senior class, plus (c) not more than four percent of the total enrollment of a student's graduate degree program or department. Because class and program sizes vary from year to year, the specific number of nominations also may vary.

  • When are letters sent out inviting students to apply?

    Invitations to apply are sent via email in October or November of each year.

  • What's the deadline to apply?

    The deadline to apply is December 31 of each year for possible induction the following Spring.

  • If I apply junior year and am not accepted, may I re-apply during senior year?

    Yes. If you meet the academic requirements for that year, you will receive notification inviting you to apply during your senior year.

  • When is the induction and reception?

    The induction ceremony is usually held in April. The exact date will be highlighted in the invitation going out to all inductees.

  • Are LMU ASN members exempt from final examinations?

    No. ASN membership does not confer exemption from final exams or any other assignments.

  • Are 'loyalty' and 'service' important factors determining acceptance?


    Absolutely. Satisfaction of the minimum scholarly requirements detailed above is not by itself sufficient for induction into Alpha Sigma Nu. Careful attention is paid to a nominee's demonstrated loyalty, service, and commitment to Jesuit ideals.


  • What is meant by 'demonstrated loyalty,service, and commitment to Jesuit ideals?

    Loyalty means a demonstrated commitment to Jesuit ideals of higher education -- intellectual, moral, social and religious. Service means a proven concern for others demonstrated by activities in support of the institution or the community.

  • How will I be notified my application status?

    You will be notified at your LMU email address early in the Spring semester.

  • Am I still eligible to apply if I am studying abroad at all this year?

    Yes. We encourage you to submit your application, but make sure to include your current email address.

  • What is the cost of dues?

    For the 2016-2017 academic year, the one-time cost is $90. This fee includes an engraved pin, a commencement medallion, a certificate, and lifetime membership in Alpha Sigma Nu. You must pay the dues before being inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu.

  • Where is the Induction Ceremony held?

    The festivities usually begin with Mass or a prayer service at 1:00 p.m. in Sacred Heart Chapel.
    The Induction Ceremony usually begins at 2:00 p.m. in Sacred Heart Chapel.
    The Induction Ceremony is followed by a Reception in the Jesuit Gardens. 

  • What is the cost to attend the Induction Ceremony and Reception?

    The Induction Ceremony and Reception are free for invited ASN faculty, ASN staff, current ASN LMU students, and for new inductees and their two guests. Additional tickets may be purchased for $20 each. Please make checks payable to LMU Alpha Sigma Nu and submit it in person or via mail to 1 LMU Drive, University Hall 4820, Los Angeles, California 90045.

  • If I miss the Induction Ceremony, am I still a member?

    Once you have been selected and have paid your membership dues, you will be inducted even if you cannot attend the induction ceremony.  If you are unable to attend that induction, you may pick up your certificate, pin, and medallion from the ASN administrative coordinator in University Hall 4820.

  • Who receives an invitation to apply?

    All of those who are eligible, as defined above, receive an invitation to apply for membership.

  • I am an undergraduate. How many units must I have to be eligible?

    At the time of application, undergraduates must have at least Junior class standing or 60 units; 45 of these units must have been completed at LMU or another Jesuit institution.

  • I am graduate student. How many units must I have to be eligible?

    Graduate students must have completed more than half of their coursework, but these vary by program. to see the specific program unit requirements, please clik here 2015-2016 ASN Graduate Unit Requirements by Program.

  • Who reads the applications and determines who is accepted to ASN?

    The undergraduate applications are submitted to the ASN faculty moderator and coordinator, then forwarded to the undergraduate ASN officers who discuss and vote upon membership. These discussion are confidential, respectful, and professional. The graduate applications are submitted to the ASN faculty moderator and coordinator, then forwarded to the appropriate graduate program directors who determine membership. 

  • How do I pay my ASN dues?

    Your Alpha Sigma Nu Membership dues may be paid by the following methods through the Office of the Provost (UH 4820,

    M-F, 8am-5pm):

    • Check
    • Cash ( in office only)
  • Are there sashes or stoles for graduating seniors to wear at commencement?

    No. You will receive a personalized engraved pin and a medallion when you are inducted. you may wear both at commencement. 

  • If I lose my medallion or pin, how do I get a replacement?

    You may purchase a replacement pin, medallion and other ASN regalia at your own cost from the ASN National Office's website page: https://www.alphasigmanu.org/shop