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Politics of Los Angeles 2014

Welcome to the Politics of Los Angeles Website!

Links to various articles relevant to the class will be posted here, in addition to a link to our Dropbox account, to access PDF scans of select journal articles and reports. 

In addition, information about our Forecast LA Lecture Series will be posted here, with links to the video recordings of the talks as soon as they become available.  

Forecast LA Lecture Series 

Location and Time:  

Class is held in UH 3226 and meets from 4:30-7 pm

On lecture series dates the class will meet in UH 3226 at 4:30 and then walk over to UH 1000 ten minutes before the lecture starts. Lecture calendar and topics will be posted here.


Class Description


Semester Project Guide

Dropbox link:

Politics of Los Angeles Dropbox

Other Readings:

Los Angeles: Structure of a City Government Ebook

Los Angeles Budget Summary Booklet FY2013-14