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Media Citations

Recent Print & Online Articles in 2015

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McCarty, Meghan. “#MakeAlCare: Al has no time for City Hall; a political scientist tries to help.” 89.3 KPCC. 2/25/2015

McCarty, Meghan. “#MakeAlCare: Taking on voter apathy one person at a time (Election 2015).” 89.3 KPCC. 2/23/2015

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“Incumbent Martinez, Challenger Montanez Square Off Again For District 6 Council Seat.” CBS Los Angeles. 2/13/2015

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Diaz, Jaclyn. “California Latinos Delay Supporting Kamala Harris' US Senate Run As They Hope Antonio Villaraigosa Enters Race.” Latin Post. 1/31/2015

Alpert Reyes, Emily. “Candidates vying for Tom LaBonge's seat try to break out of the pack.” LA Times. 1/25/2015

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Alpert Reyes, Emily. “Foes and fans of L.A. economic-justice group agree it gets things done.” LA Times. 1/3/2015