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Media Citations

This is a list of recent media coverage featuring CSLA's researchers, events, and projects.

09/13/13: KPCC, Four immigration-related bills head to Brown’s desk: Why now, and what next? By: Leslie Berestein Rojas [Fernando Guerra quoted]

08/22/13: Los Angeles Times, Have we achieved racial equality? Whites say yes, blacks say no, By: Emily Alpert [LA Riots Survey cited]

08/17/13: KCAL9 News on Saturday [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

07/13/13: KCAL9 News on Saturday [Fernando Guerra interviewed

07/10/13: Fox & Hounds, Mayor Garcetti’s Secret Weapon: L.A.’s Republican Voters, By: Mark Vafiades [Fernando Guerra featured]

07/10/13: CAFWD, Anaheim votes to have hybrid election model next June, By: Cheryl Getuiza [Fernando Guerra quoted]

07/09/13: KPCC, SEIU airing ads in GOP districts urging a path to citizenship, By: Kitty Felde [Fernando Guerra quoted]

06/25/13: SGV Tribune, Southern California reaction to Supreme Court overturning portion of Voting Rights Act, By: Lauren Gold and Andrew Edwards [Fernando Guerra quoted]

06/22/13: Los Angeles Times, An L.A. labor leader with a strong worker ethic, By: Joe Mozingo [Fernando Guerra quoted]

06/14/13: KCET, A Father and Son Search for a 'Sense of Place' in Fractured L.A., By: D.J. Waldie [CSLA referenced]

06/5/13: KCRW: Which Way, L.A.? FBI Raid in Sacramento, By: Warren Olney [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

05/31/13: City Watch, Low LA Election Interest Need Not be 'Academic', By: Joseph Mailander [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/30/13: Los Angeles Sentinel, African American Leadership Strong as Ever, By: Kenneth D. Miller [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/25/13: KCAL9 News on Saturday [Fernando Guerra interviewed

05/24/13: Voxxi, Who Is Eric Garcetti? The Latino 2.0 Model, By: Tony Castro [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/23/13: LA Weekly, Antonio Villaraigosa's Quest for Wall Street, Washington and Wealth, By: Patrick Range McDonald [Fernando Guerra quoted]

05/23/13: San Fernando Valley Business Journal, Garcetti Victory Tied to Surprising Strength in Valley By: Joel Russell [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/23/13: Los Angeles Wave, Thank God That’s Over, By: Betty Pleasant [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/23/13: NALEO Educational Fund, New Report Shows Latino Voters Ready for Newly Elected Los Angeles Mayor and Municipal Officials to Get to Work [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: KCRW: Which Way, LA? How Republicans and women helped sway the LA mayor’s race, By: Avishay Artsy [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: New York Times, Garcetti Is Elected Mayor of Los Angeles, Thwarting Opposition of Labor Unions, By: Jennifer Medina [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: Daily News, Eric Garcetti’s mayoral victory attributed largely to Wendy Gruel’s result in San Fernando Valley, By: Brenda Gazzar [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/22/13: LA Observed, Election post-mortem in quotes (some very pointed), By: Kevin Roderick [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/22/13: LA Observed, Let's stop this '19 percent turnout' meme right now, By: Kevin Roderick [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/22/13: KPCC, Garcetti proves there’s no litmus test for Latinos, By: Oscar Garza [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: KPCC, Telling details from LMU’s election exit poll, By: Oscar Garza [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: AirTalk on KPCC, Los Angeles’s new mayor, the future of pot shops, and more, By: AirTalk [panel with Fernando Guerra]

05/22/13: KPCC, LA mayor’s race: How the votes broke down precinct by precinct, By: Chris Keller and KPCC staff [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: Reuters, Eric Garcetti Leads Battle To Become First Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles, By: Reuters [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: KPCC, UPDATE: Eric Garcetti elected mayor of Los Angeles; Wendy Gruel concedes, By: Frank Stoltze with Alice Walton [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: The Huffington Post, Eric Garcetti Wins 2013 LA Mayoral Election, Wendy Gruel Concedes, By: Anna Almendrala [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: The Huffington Post, POLLSTER UPDATE: LA Mayoral Polls Get It Right, By: Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: LA Observed, Eric Garcetti is the next mayor of Los Angeles, By: Kevin Roderick [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: LA Observed, Gruel did not win women, the Valley or Republicans, By: Kevin Roderick [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/22/13: L.A. Daily News, LA Mayor’s Race: Eric Garcetti Declares Victory Over Wendy Gruel, By: Dakota Smith [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/22/13: La Opinion, Garcetti Celebra Aparente Triunfo En Elecciones De La, By: Isaias Alvarado [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: The Front Page Online, Speaking of Crenshaw Line, Garcetti Loses Black Vote in a Whopper, By: Damien Goodmon [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: Latino LA, The Honorable Eric Michael Garcetti, By: Guadalupe Gonzalez [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/13: EFE News Service – Hola Ciudad, Los Angeles se acuesta sin conocer a su alcalde por el lento recuento electoral, By: Antonio Martin Guirado [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/22/12: Fox11 News, Good Day LA: Election Results [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: KNX 1070 [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: NBC4 News at 11 [Mayoral Exit Poll cited].

05/21/13: Fox11 News at 10 [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: KCAL-9 News at 10 [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: Patch.com, Eric Garcetti is the Next Mayor of L.A., By: Craig Clough [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: KWHY-22 Mundo Fox, Noticias MundoFox 22 A Las 10 PM. This story on the mayoral election featured interviews with Professor Fernando Guerra and Research Fellow David Ayon of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at LMU and mentioned the exit poll projections. [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

05/21/13: KCET, L.A. Election Results, By: Zach Behrens [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: L.A. Daily News, L.A. mayor’s race: Eric Garcetti will beat Wendy Gruel, says LMU poll, By: L.A. Daily News [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: Neon Tommy, L.A. Mayoral Race: Early Results Are In, By: Brianna Sacks [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: LA Weekly, Eric Garcetti Leads Wendy Gruel in L.A. Mayoral Election, Exit Poll Predicts Garcetti, By: Jill Stewart [Mayoral Exit Poll cited]

05/21/13: LA Times, Overlooked by Politicians, Low-Wage Workers Barely Scrape By, By: Steve Lopez [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/20/13: Wall Street Journal, L.A. Mayor Hopefuls Scour For Votes – and Differences, By: Tamara Audi [Fernando Guerra quoted]

05/20/13: La Opinion, Encuesta Valorara El Voto Latino En Elecciones De LA, By: Isaias Alvarado [Fernando Guerra quoted]

05/20/13: Los Angeles Daily News, LA Election Turnout: Few Are Expected at Polls Today; Some Say Change Is Needed, By: Andrew Edwards [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/20/13: LA Observed, Stamina, baby: Campaign 2013 nears the end, By: Kevin Roderick [Election Central featured]

05/19/13: Voxxi, Los Angeles Stumbles Toward Picking Villaraigosa’s Successor, By: Tony Castro [Fernando Guerra quoted]

05/18/13: KPCC, Wendy Gruel, Eric Garcetti Rally Supporters in South LA, By: Alice Walton [Mayoral Primary Poll cited]

05/16/13: Los Angeles Times, LA Mayor’s Race Result May Be Unknown for Weeks After Election, By: James Rainey [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/09/13: EGP News, Candidates for Mayor Explain Agendas at Latino-Themed Forum, By: EFE News Service [Fernando Guerra quoted]

05/05/13: EFE News Wire, Candidatos a Alcaldia de Los Angeles exponen sus programas a comunidad latina [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/04/13: Los Angeles Times, L.A. mayor candidates make pitches to Latino voters, By: Maeve Reston [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/03/13: PRNewswire/USNewswire, NALEO Educational Fund and Local Partners Host Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Forum with Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel [Fernando Guerra cited]

05/03/13: BusinessWire, La Opinion to Co-Host Los Angeles Mayoral Forum [Fernando Guerra cited]

04/29/13: Daily News, Local officials divided on immigration reform, By: Andrew Edwards [Fernando Guerra quoted]

04/26/13: The Bilerico Project, Stonewall Endorses O’Farrell, Montanez in May 21 LA City Elections, By: Karen Ocamb [2008 Survey cited]

04/25/13: LA Observed, Morning Buzz: Thursday 4.25.13 [Survey recruitment]

04/22/13: KTLK, Mayoral Race Update; Poll Claims That Eric Garcetti Is Beating Wendy Greuel, By: David Cruz [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

04/21/13: NBC 4, NewsConference: Fernando Guerra, Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at LMU [Fernando Guerra interviewed] link

04/15/13: LAWeekly, L.A. Voters Favor Shutting Down Most Marijuana Dispensaries, By: Dennis Romero [Presidential Election survey cited]

04/09/13: KPCC, Maven’s Morning Coffee: Conflicts in the Wendy Greuel campaign, tax measures in Vernon, Q&A with a city attorney candidate (updated), By: Alice Walton [Lecture series cited]

04/08/13: KPCC, Maxine Waters gives boost to Wendy Greuel’s mayoral campaign, By Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

04/06/13: Los Angeles Times, San Pedro voters wary of L.A. mayoral candidates’ promise, By: Seema Mehta [Fernando Guerra quoted]

04/06/13: KCAL9 News on Saturday, Political Expert Weighs In On LA Mayoral Race [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

04/06/13: La Opinion, Voto femenino es vital para candidatos a alcalde de LA, By: Isaias Alvarado [Primary survey cited]

04/03/13: Neon Tommy, The Republican Party In L.A. Has Become An Afterthought, By: Matt Pressberg [Fernando Guerra quoted]

04/01/13: KPCC, LA mayor’s race: Cesar Chavez lives! (On political mailers), By: Charles Castaldi [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/31/13: Daily News, South L.A. look for answers from Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, By: Dakota Smith [Primary survey cited]

03/29/13: KPCC, LA mayor’s race: Former candidate Kevin James says he’s close to making an endorsement, By: Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

03/28/13: OurWeekly, L.A. City Council could become an all-male club, By: Cynthia E. Griffin [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/26/13: KPCC, Eric Garcetti backed by African American women’s political group, By: Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

03/21/13: KPCC, Los Angeles mayor’s race: In battle for African-American voters, Garcetti wins latest round, By: Frank Stoltze [Primary survey cited]

03/18/13: KPCC, Councilman Paul Krekorian endorses Eric Garcetti for mayor, By: Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

03/14/13: Culver City News, Citizens perform their civic duties during March 5 primary election, By: Nicole Powell [Primary survey cited]

03/13/13: Neon Tommy, Is The Price Right In L.A.’s 9th District, By: Danielle Tarasiuk [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/13/13: KPCC: City Maven, Maven’s Morning Coffee: consultants recap election, Democratic Party endorses for LA City Council, jury still out in Bell case [Post-mortem cited]

03/12/13: LA Observed, LA’s poor voter turnout sliced, diced and made fun of, By: Kevin Roderick [Post-mortem cited]

03/12/13: Los Angeles Times, Natives soon will outnumber newcomers in L.A. County, By: Joe Mozingo and Frank Shyong [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/09/13: New York Times, Los Angeles Frets After Low Turnout to Elect Mayor, By: Jennifer Medina [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/09/13: SpectrumLosAngeles.com, Roundup 3/9: LGBTQ News, Features & More, By: Stevie St. John [Primary survey cited]

03/08/13: LA Weekly, Los Angeles Mayoral Election Map: Bodacious Digital Tool Reveals how Every Neighborhood has Voted Since 2001, By: Matthew Mullins [Debate cited]

03/08/13: EricGarcetti.com, Breaking down the LMU Exit Poll, By: Jeff Millman [Primary survey cited]

03/08/13: KPCC, Will Jan Perry, Kevin James back former rivals in mayor’s race? By: Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

03/08/13: LA Observed, Morning Buzz: Friday 3.8.13*, By: Kevin Roderick [Primary survey cited]

03/08/13: Frontiers LA, Advisory: the LGBT Vote and an LA Election Post Mortem, By: Karen Ocamb [Primary survey cited]

03/07/13: ImpreMedia, Así votaron los latinos, By: Isaias Alvarado [Primary survey cited]

03/07/13: KPCC, LA election: Exit poll details mayoral candidates’ strengths, weaknesses at ballot box, By: Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

03/07/13: KPCC, Wendy Greuel, Eric Garcetti launch runoff with new endorsements, By: Alice Walton [Primary survey cited]

03/06/13: La Opinion, Mayoria de latinos voto por Garcetti para alcalde de LA, By: Isaias Alvarado [Primary survey cited]

03/06/13: La Opinion, Garcetti celebró ligera ventaja en las urnas (Video), By: Isaias Alvarado [Primary survey cited]

03/06/13: KCET: SocalConnected, L.A. Elections: Looking Ahead to the May Runoffs [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

03/06/13: KPCC, LA mayor’s race: could Greuel’s union support backfire in contest with Garcetti? By: Frank Stoltze [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/06/13: Neon Tommy, Garcetti And Greuel Advance In L.A.’s Parliamentary Mayoral Race, By: Matt Pressberg [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/06/13: KPCC: Airtalk, Election results and analyzing exit poll results, By: Larry Mantle [Primary survey cited, Fernando Guerra interviewed]

03/05/13: KCAL 9, News at 9 pm, By: Conan Nolan [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: Pacific Palisades Patch, City Election Voters Hit the Polls in Pacific Palisades [VIDEO], By: Matthew Sanderson [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: Notimex, Garcetti y Greuel disputaran alcaldía de Los Angeles: sondeo [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: La Opinion, Garcetti y Greuel van a segunda vuelta, según encuesta [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: La Opinion, Encuesta de La Opinion predecira voto en Los Angeles, By: Yurina Melara [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: KPCC, Election live blog: Garcetti, Greuel speeches cause headaches for TV news directors (Updated) [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: LMU Press Release, Garcetti, Greuel Projected Winners in L.A. Mayoral Primary, By: Mason Stockstill [Primary survey cited]

03/05/13: Annenberg Radio News, Voter turnout expected to be only 25 percent for L.A. elections, By: James Santelli [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

03/04/13: KCRW: Which Way, L.A.? Preview of Los Angeles City Elections, By: Warren Olney [Fernando Guerra interviewed]

3/04/13: KPCC, Crowded field competes in Tuesday’s election for Los Angeles’ 13th council district seat, By: Frank Stoltze [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/03/13: MundoFox22, Noticias MundoFox22 Presents Unprecedented Los Angeles Mayoral Election Coverage, By: Alberto Martinez Jr. [Election night event cited]

03/02/13: KCAL 9 News Saturday, Political Expert Weighs in On Final LA Mayoral Debate [Fernando Guerra Interviewed] LINK

03/01/13: KPCC, Emanuel Pleitez sprints to the finish in long-shot run for Los Angeles mayor, By: Grant Slater [Fernando Guerra quoted]

03/01/13: LA Daily News, Los Angeles voters weigh sales tax increase, By: Christina Villacorte [Fernando Guerra quoted]

02/28/13: KPCC, Kevin James, the conservative talker, looks for an upset in LA mayoral race (Photos), By: Frank Stoltze [Fernando Guerra quoted]

02/27/13: Neon Tommy, Cory Booker Endorsement ‘Symbol’ Of Garcetti’s African American Support, By: Danny Lee [Survey cited]

02/27/13: Neon Tommy, Mayoral Race Q&A: Fernando Guerra On L.A.’s Buzz-less Election, By: Matt Pressberg [Fernando Guerra Interviewed]

02/26/13: Neon Tommy, Kevin James Against The Machine, By: Matt Pressberg [Debate cited]

02/12/13: City Watch, In Los Angeles, a Different Kind of Political Race, By: Bill Boyarsky [Debate cited]

02/09/13: KCAL 9 News Saturday [Fernando Guerra Interviewed] LINK

02/08/13: Los Angeles Times, L.A. Mayoral Candidates Find Themselves Subjected to Debates, By: James Rainey [Debate cited]

02/07/13: Loyolan, Mayoral debate engages students, By: Pamela Rios [Debate cited]

02/06/13: LA Observed, Morning Buzz: Wednesday 2/6/13 [Debate cited]

02/06/13: Neon Tommy, Jan Perry and Kevin James Score Points at LMU, By: Matt Pressberg [Debate cited]

02/06/13: LA Observed, And the Mayor Debate Winner is … Professor Guerra, By: Bill Boyarski [Debate cited]

02/06/13: Los Angeles Times, Debate Splits Candidates into Insider and Outsider Camps, By: Seema Mehta [Debate cited]

02/05/13: The Front Page Online, Brazenly, President Wesson Hangs out the “For Sale” Sign to a Carefully Selected Fe, By: Jack Humphreville [Survey cited]

02/04/13: Daily Breeze, Loyola Marymount University Hosts Debate with Los Angeles Mayoral Contenders, By: Kristin S. Agostoni [Debate cited]

02/04/13: Los Angeles Times, L.A. Mayoral Candidates Skip Super Bowl Halftime, Talk Education [Debate cited]

02/01/13: The Front Page Online, Bruin Dems Go for Feuer While Trutanich Points to Promising Polls, By John Schwada [Survey cited]

01/30/13: Brentwood Patch, LMU to Host Mayoral Debate, By: Matthew Sanderson [Debate cited]

01/28/13: KPCC, Stakes high for candidates in  televised Los Angeles mayoral debate, By: Frank Stoltze [Fernando Guerra quoted]

01/21/13: KCET: SoCal Connected, MLK's Promise [Fernando Guerra interviewed] link to video

01/16/13: Jewish Journal, Priorities, personalities shape city attorney race, By: Jonah Lowenfeld [Survey cited]

01/16/13: LMU Magazine, LMU Hosts Mayoral Candidates Debate, By: John Kissell [Debate cited]

01/11/13: The Front Page Online, Incumbent Trutanich, an ‘Outsider,’ Says He, Not Feuer, Is the Frontrunner, By: John Schwada [Survey cited]

01/10/13: Fox News Latino, Hilda Solis Set to Become Queen of LA After Resignation, Eyes Powerful County Position, By: Bryan Llenas [Fernando Guerra quoted]

01/07/13: The Korea Times, LA 3월 발의안 통과땐 내년 9.5%로, By: 백두현 [Survey Cited]

01/06/13: Los Angeles Daily News, Jan Perry warns against underestimating her in race for L.A. mayor, By: Rick Orlov [Survey cited]

01/03/13: CapitalWirePR, Pleitez campaign for L.A. Mayor Gaining Traction, By: Oliver Thomas [Survey cited]