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Leadership Initiative

The study and promotion of leadership and positive outcomes in Los Angeles is critical. Each new or chronic need in our community demands that leaders – individuals and organizations – join together to achieve positive change. Research and experience show that leadership matters, regardless of issue, environment, culture, agenda, or desired outcome. However, there is little research that integrates the study of leadership and community outcomes within and across various sectors in Los Angeles.

In order to promote effective leadership development, civic engagement, and public policy advocacy in Los Angeles, the Center for the Study of Los Angeles is undertaking an integrative study of leaders in 10 sectors including politics, education, arts/culture, business, community, health, land use/housing, law, media/entertainment, and religion/spirituality. Upon completion, the Center’s Leadership Initiative will have identified and surveyed 1,000 leaders, resulting in data leading to better community outcomes in Los Angeles.

Leadership Initiative - Leaders in Health

With Kaiser Permanente’s support, CSLA has sought to examine health leadership in Los Angeles, to understand and articulate Los Angeles’ pressing health needs. The Center has created a database of identified health leaders, including information on their networks and their policy and practice recommendations. The findings suggest that leaders’ support a collaborative style of leadership to accomplish substantive change in the healthcare system, as well as encouraging accountability despite the success or failure of implemented initiatives. In addition to forms of leadership, the “Leadership Initiative: Los Angeles Leaders in Health” survey explores the areas of healthcare reform, access to health care, the availability and effectiveness of health programs, and the overall quality of health in Los Angeles County. More importantly, the study was conducted while the U.S. Senate passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, and captured leaders’ opinions during a time where universal healthcare was on the cusp of approval. Health Project Summary Reports

Leadership Initiative - Leaders in Education

With the support of the Bank of America Foundation, the Center began the Leadership Initiative by surveying leaders in the field of education. These leaders provided insights on issues such as education reform, alternative schooling, administrator accountability, and the overall quality of education in the state of California and the city of Los Angeles. The findings suggest that leaders’ hopes and concerns do not differ greatly from those of residents, parents, and families, and that their ideologies are, in fact, similar. Leaders, however, are in positions of power, enabling them, and in a sense obligating them, to drive change. The “Leadership Initiative: Los Angeles Leaders in Education” findings explore these and other issues in greater detail and offers suggestions on how leaders can exercise their roles to address pressing issues in education. 

Leadership Initiative - Leaders in Politics

The “Leadership Initiative: Political Sector” survey….more details coming soon.