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Current Student Researchers

The promotion and support of undergraduate research is one of the core values of the Center. Our staff strives to develop research opportunities and professionalization programs to produce informed, motivated, and versatile student researchers throughout a variety of fields.

Undergraduates who are interested in conducting research and developing programming on the city Los Angeles, public opinion, and urban life are encouraged to apply for a position. Tasks performed by Center student researchers may include:


Gathering &  analyzing political and demographic data
Learning and applying advanced computer software, i.e. ArcGIS, Stata, and Photoshop, among others
Conducting literature searches for large scale projects in a variety of archives spanning several disciplines
Writing copy and producing visualizations for reports, newsletters, posters, and papers


Administering public relations tasks for educational programming events
Assisting with live event productions including televised lectures and panels
Developing outreach campaigns for events and related web content
Managing guest speakers and compiling lecture portfolios


Presenting at LMU's Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium
Developing and adapting resumes and curriculum vitae for internships and jobs
Polishing writing and communication skills by working on established CSLA projects
Working in a team environment responsible for short-term and long-term goals


Student researchers can make up to $11/hour working at the Center. A student researcher can learn new skills, enhance their resume, and prepare for post-graduate studies while simultaneously having the opportunity to pursue a project of personal interest with staff support and mentoring.  

Download our new CSLA Application and submit a copy to any staff member at the Center at UH 4119. Hard copies of the application can also be found in the Center's offices. ‌LMU work study funding is required for this position.

The Center's current Student Research Assistants bios can be accessed on the left panel. 

For a list of former Student Research Assistants, please click here.