Outline for CTE Grant Proposals

On separate sheets of paper, provide the project title and a narrative covering the following items. Proposals should contain language that is understandable to faculty colleagues in a wide variety of disciplines. The narrative should not exceed four double-spaced pages. Use a 12 point font and approximately one inch margins. Arrange the narrative using each of the headings listed below.

  1. Project Question(s): Give a brief specific statement of the problem you are trying to solve or the pedagogical innovation you are planning to implement. State the goals and objectives of your project and what you intend to accomplish.
  2. Background Research: Summarize the relevant background literature in the area of the project. You should have thoroughly researched the topic.
  3. Methods: State what methods or techniques you plan to use to reach your goals or objectives. Please be as specific as possible. For example, simply stating that you will introduce "cooperative learning techniques," without stating specifically what will be done in the class, would not usually be considered an adequate description of the approach. You should have an appropriate methodology with details clearly worked out.
  4. Calendar: Describe your work plan and indicate the dates associated with the beginning, major parts of execution, and completion of the project. Insure that the amount of work you are proposing to do fits appropriately into your projected timeline.
  5. Student Outcomes: Specifically describe your learning outcomes and how you will assess the success of your project. Valid assessment requires more than anecdotal evidence. For example, simply stating that you will solicit students' opinions of the innovation will usually not be considered an adequate assessment plan. Learning outcomes and the assessment plan should be clearly defined and appropriate.
  6. Interest: Clarify how the results of the project, and its presentation in CTE, will be of interest to other LMU faculty.
  7. Value: Clarify how the project is significant enough to deserve funding, and how.

The results of the project could be disseminated outside of the LMU community.