Walsh SoTL Grant Awards


Linda Leon, Finance and Computer Information Systems
Assessing the Effectiveness of a Genre-Process Pedagogy for Improving Business Student Writing


Matt Siniawski, Mechanical Engineering & John Dionisio, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Design & Pedagogical Value of a Standards-based Grading System for Undergraduate STEM Education

Jeffrey Phillips, Physics
Training Self-Assessment and Task Selection Skills in General Physics


Zaki Eusufzai, Economics
Internationalization of the Introductory Statistics Course - Can It Serve a Dual Purpose?

Francisco Ramos, Language and Culture in Education
Introducing a Student-Centered Focus in EDLC 5003

Sijun Wang, Marketing and Business Law
Integrating LINKS Simulation Games into a Relationship Marketing Course


Adriana Jaroszewicz, Animation
Character Animation - A Real Physical Experience


Teresa Heiland, Dance
Academic Expository Writing Skills Development for Dance Majors' in DANC 498: Senior Thesis Prep- Attaining Best Practices Toward Successful Learning Outcomes

Yongsun Paik, Management
Overcoming the Pitfalls of Teaching Multiculturalism: A More Integrative Approach to Teaching Cultural Influence in International Business Courses


Wendy Binder, Biology
Transforming a large introductory biology course using active learning techniques: assessing changes in students' attitude and performance over two years.

Zaki Eusufzai, Economics
Can undergraduates be taught "numbers-sense"? An experiment with an international trade course

Francisco Ramos, Special Programs in Urban Education
Improving the Preparation of LMU's Teacher Education Graduates Through Self-Reflection


Velitchka Kaltcheva, Marketing
Development and Evaluation of a Comprehensive Grading System for Grading Case Strategy Papers

Catherine McElwain, Biology, James Landry, Natural Science, and Patrick Shanahan, Mathematics
An Integrated Curriculum for the Life Sciences Early Awareness Program (LEAP)


Wendy Binder and Gary Kuleck, Biology
Improving Assessment in a Large, Investigative Laboratory Course

Stephanie August, Computer Science
Use of Guided Lab Experiments to Increase Interpersonal Orientation of Computer Science Courses and Enhance Development of Mental Models

Kala Seal, Finance - CIS
Incorporating Active Learning in Quantitative Business Courses

Vincent Coletta, Physics
An Intervention to Develop Students' Epistemologies and Reasoning Abilities


Jane Brucker, Art & Art History
Critiquing the Critique: New Methods for Meaningful Criticism in the Studio Arts

Gordon Gamlin, Modern Languages and Literatures
The Next Generation e-Portfolio: Assessing Intercultural Language Learning Through New Technology with a Strategic Emphasis on Oral Proficiency

Daniel Smith-Christopher, Theological Studies
A Bilblical Studies Lab: Developing In-Class, Hands-On Teaching Experiments for Undergraduate Biblical Studies

Blake Mellor, Mathematics
Math for Liberal Arts

Scott Cameron, Philosophy
Reading Less, Understanding More: An Experiment with Intensive Reading in an Introductory Core Class