Character Animation - A Real Physical Experience

Character Animation - A Real Physical Experience

Adriana Jaroszewicz, Animation

I have encountered difficulty in getting students to make a successful transition from 2D traditional animation to 3D animation; in my last experience teaching Intermediate 3D Animation course in Fall 2009, students typically failed to utilize the many new possibilities afforded by the additional dimension. The main goal of this project is to develop a hypothesis by researching and documenting Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) as possible practical theory for describing and recreating movement in 3D animation, and testing this hypothesis in a classroom environment.

My particular research question is: Does the use of personal kinetic experience and using a standardized vocabulary to analyze and describe movement such as LMA increase visual keenness and understanding of character performance for students learning 3D tools, and who are transitioning from 2D traditional animation?


Animation, Laban, Performance.

Work Accomplished

An assessment system was developed to gather data and review that data for the improvement of 3D animation skills, which includes a rubric and survey. Through research, there is also a better understanding of the areas that Laban Movement Analysis has in common with animation, and how these could potentially affect student learning.

Assessment Results

There was a positive improvement on the animation assignments done with the inclusion of Laban Movement Analysis exercises done in ANIM 330 Fall 2010 classes. Professor Jaroszewicz compared the rubric assessments of Fall 2009 and Fall 2010 with favorable results.

Impact on Teaching and Student Learning

Students do recommend future classes to be taught with the inclusion of Laban Movement Analysis workshops. In the next iterations of ANIM 330, the feedback given by the students will be implemented, and this project will have a continuous re-evaluation as the feedback and exercises are tested and data is gathered.