Other Conference Travel

Academic Year 2015-16

Reacting to the Past Annual Institute, New York, NY, Jun 11-14, 2015

  • Heather Tarleton, Health and Human Sciences
  • John Parrish, Political Science
  • Katerina Zacharia, Classics

Academic Year 2014-15

issotl 14, Quebec City, Oct 22-25, 2014

Lilly Conference, Newport Beach, CA, Feb 19-22,2015

also with funding by the Keck grant:

  • Stephanie Perez, Health and Human Sciences
  • Roberto Martinez, Mathematics
  • Curtis Bennett, CSE Associate Dean

CSU Symposium on University Teaching, Los Angeles, CA, Mar 13-14, 2015

  • Susan Gyeszly, Accounting

Teaching Professor Conference, Atlanta, GA, May 29-31, 2015

  • Cheryl Grills, Psychology
  • Anna Muraco, Sociology
  • Francisco Ramos, Elementary and Secondary Education

Teaching Conferences 2014-15

Academic Year 2013-14

issotl 13, Raleigh, NC, Oct 2-5, 2013

  • Jeff Phillips, Physics
  • Jeremy McCallum, Chemistry & Biochemistry

also with separate funding from Kathy Clemmer, CMAST

Lilly Conference, Newport Beach, CA, Feb 19-22,2015

  • Christine Eubanks-Turner, Mathematics
  • Susan Gyeszly, Accounting
  • Teresa Heiland, Dance
  • Linh Hua, Women Studies
  • Yvette Lapayese, Specialized Programs in Urban Educations
  • Olga Moraga, Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Bernadette Musetti, Liberal Studies
  • Yanjie Wang, Asian and Pacific Studies
  • Selene Zander, Modern Languages and Literature

also with separate funding from Jackie Dewar, Mathematics