Travel Grant 2014-15: Kelly Younger

Kelly Younger, English

Comparative Drama Conference
March 25-28, 2015
Baltimore, MD

Nature/Type of the Event

This international, interdisciplinary event is devoted to all aspects of theatre scholarship, including textual and performance analysis as well as a teaching (see below).

Relevance of the Event for Applicant's Teaching and LMU Community, the Applicant's Involvement in the Event, and Expected Learning or Outcome

This years conference will continue a new panel that started last year called "Teaching Tips and Trade Secrets." The call for papers reads: "Are you interested in sharing a teaching strategy with others who specialize in drama and performance? Board Members Kelly Younger and Miriam Chirico are organizing an informal panel for a handful of experienced teachers to offer classroom techniques that have worked for them in the past. Consider submitting an approach to a play you regularly teach that illuminates the performative nature of a scene. Participants will be asked to provide a one-page lesson plan that we can distribute during the session, so make sure it's a "trade secret" you are willing to share with others." Last year 70 teachers participated, and this year we anticipate more.

Travel Report

I co-moderated a panel and led a workshop called "Teaching Tips and Trade Secrets" for faculty engaged in the teaching of dramatic literature, theatre, and drama pedagogy. 8 distinguished faculty offered individual presentations based upon a template we created. It included course objectives, technology, exercises, reflections, and resources (see attached). 60+ international faculty participated. Beyond the joy of sharing teaching methods, we also recruited several new faculty to contribute to our book project where we combine 75 such teaching exercises and reflections for the 75 most taught plays at the university level.

Panel Presentations

  • William Boles, Rollins College: Taking Student to London
  • Miriam Chirico, Eastern Connecticut State University: Play and Playwright - William Shakespeare, The Tempest
  • Michael Cotsell, University of Delaware: Play an Playwright - The Nature of Captivity
  • Verna A. Foster, Loyola University Chicago: Play and Playwright - Caril Churchill, Top Girls
  • William Hutchings, University of Alabama at Birmingham: Play and Playwright - Harold Pinter, The Homecoming
  • Jay Malarcher, West Virginia University: Play and Playwright - Michael Frayn, Noises Off; William Shakespeare, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Love's Labour's Lost; P.G. Wodehouse, The Play's the Thing; Tom Stoppard, Rough Crossing
  • Patrick Maley, Centenary College: Play and Playwright
  • Emilio Mendez, National Autonomous University of Mexcio (UNAM): Play and Playwright - William Shakespeare, Hamlet