Travel Grant 2015-16: John Parrish

John Parrish, Political Science

Reacting to the Past 15th Annual Faculty Institute
June 11-14, 2015
Barnard College
New York City, NY

Relevance of the Event for Applicant's Teaching and LMU Community, the Applicant's Involvement in the Event, and Expected Learning as Outcome

The institute provided instruction and practice in implementing extended historical role-playing simulation exercises in classes. I will use this technique in my Fall First Year Seminar, my Spring Rhetorical Arts, and hopefully other future classes as well.

Travel Report

This is a highly valuable experience. was able to learn a lot about the technique before attending, primarily by reviewing online materials and reading Mark Carnes's book Minds on Fire, and I believe I got the most out of the experience because I was well-prepared to understand what was going on. However, even those with no background can benefit significantly from this conference: most of its programming is geared to be inclusive of beginners. More info.