Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms Program

LMU Faculty volunteer to open their classrooms on selected dates to other faculty who arrange in advance for a visit.  The purpose of the program is to disseminate innovative ideas about teaching.

College of Business Administration

Finance Department

Instructor: Hai Tran, Assistant Professor of Finance
Course: Fundamentals of Finance, FNCE 3410, is a course for business majors covering fundamental finance concepts.  Course meets in St. Robert’s 235.
Methods: Asset trading game to illustrate financial markets and asset bubbles. 
Open Classes: Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 8:15am – 9:30am or 9:40am-10:55am.
Conditions: To request a visit to one of these classes, please contact me by email by the Friday preceding the class. 


College of Science and Engineering

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Instructor:   Jeremy McCallum, Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Organic Chemistry I, CHEM 220, an introduction to organic chemistry for most science majors and pre-meds.


Group work and problem-solving.

Open Classes:

M,W, F 10:20-11:10 (PER 200) or M,W,F 11:30-12:20 (PER 202).

Conditions:   To request a visit to one of these classes, please contact me by email a couple of days before the class


Physics Department

Instructor:   Vincent Coletta, Professor of Physics  

Waves & Light, PHYS 195, is a course for freshmen physics majors covering fundamental physical concepts, which meets in Seaver 101. Each week we meet once for a concepts class, once for a problem solving class, and once for lab.  


In concepts classes, I often provide demonstrations of physical phenomena, and I always use clicker questions to stimulate discussion of challenging questions related to basic concepts.  In problem solving classes, I encourage both individual and group work on challenging problems.  I provide a framework for problem solving when a student doesn’t know where to start.

Open Classes:

I have selected two concepts classes that I think would be of greatest interest to most people:  Mirrors:  mirror illusions and multiple imaging, Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 4:20 – 5:20 pm; Diffraction and Polarization, Tuesday, Nov. 28th, 4:20 – 5:20 PM.  The following problems classes are also open:  Thursdays, 4:20 – 5:20 PM, Oct. 26th & Nov. 16th.

Conditions:   To request a visit to one of these classes, please contact me by email at least 24 hours before the class.  


Instructor: Jeff Phillips, Professor of Physics
Course:  General Physics I, PHYS 253, an introductory physics course for primarily life science majors. Course meets in Seaver 101 at 12:40- 2:10 and 2:20- 3:50
Methods: Hands-on experiments, group concept discussions and problem-solving
Open Classes:  10/ 20, 10/23, 10/25, 10/27, 11/ 27, 11/29, 12/1
Conditions: Please contact me by email the day before visiting. 


School of Film and Television

Film/TV Studies

Instructor:  Adriana Jaroszewicz, Associate Professor of Animation

Digital Toolbox, ANIM 260, is a course for animation majors covering various digital animation tools.  Course meets in Communication Arts Building 315.

Methods: Lectures with demonstration and hands-on exercises.
Open  Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:20am – 12:50pm or 1:00pm-2:30pm.

Please contact me by email the day before visiting. 


Instructor:  Sue Scheibler, Associate Professor of Film and TV Studies
Course: Science Fiction TV, FTVS 445, is a course for any LMU student interested in exploring science fiction TV. Course meets in CA 105, Thursdays 4:30-7:00 pm and includes screening of science fiction TV series.
Methods: Discussion on series screened the week before, based on weekly discussion papers; brief lecture; screening of TV episodes for discussion at next class.
Open  Classes: 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30 (perfect day for Twilight and Black Mirror fans)
Conditions: Please contact me by email the day before visiting.


College of Communication and Fine Arts

Communications Studies

Instructor:  James C. Bunker, Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Advanced Public Communication, CMST 2800 is a course for communication majors to provide
students with advanced instruction in public speaking. I teach this course though a debate and argumentation lens and the course meets in Foley 210


This is a debate course that would provide insight into any instructor seeking to incorporate a debate model into their course design as an activity, unit, or major assignment. Students engage in an hour long debate around a single resolution (topic). Their peers and instructor provide critical reflection at the end of the debate to discuss what might have been done differently from a strategic, argumentative, delivery, and preparation standpoint. Debaters also provide a self-assessment of their performance.

Open  Classes: MW: 11:30-12:30 or 12:40-1:40pm--10/23, 10/25, 10/30, 11/1, 11/6, 11/8, 12/6, 12/8
Finals are open as well: 11:00-1pm M 12/11 and W 12/13
Conditions: Please send me a courtesy email 24-48 hours prior to visiting: I am also more than happy to discuss how you might incorporate a debate format into your class as well as share lesson planning materials


Theater Arts

Instructor:  Arnab Banerji, Assistant Professor Department of Theatre Arts

Traditions of Indian Performance (THEA 430), is a course open to all students and is also cross-listed as an offering through the Asia-Pacific Studies Program. It is a genre study course that also delves into issues of politics, religion, caste, race, and identity. This semester the course is meeting in Foley Annex 165. 


Discussion based class on Indian performance traditions interspersed with pair and share activities where students connect the material studied to their own experience. 

Open  Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:40-4:10 (any class day before the Thanksgiving break and except the week of Oct.23-28).
Conditions: Please contact me at least 24 hours before visiting.