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New University Core Curriculum

This page offers background material related to the core requirements supporting the core requirement groups and faculty, departments and colleges/schools who are planning to prepare core classes. If you have any suggestions for additional material to be included, please do let us know:

For events related to the core, please see the Core Events Calendar.

Basic Core information can be found at:


    First Year Experience
    First Year Seminar
Rhetorical Arts
    Theological Inquiry
    Philosophical Inquiry
    Studies in American Diversity
    Quantitative Reasoning


    Creative Experience 
    Historical Analysis and Perspectives
    Nature of Science, Technology and Mathematics
    Understanding Human Behavior


    Faith & Reason 
    Ethics & Justice 
    Interdisciplinary Connections

Flagged Courses 
    Oral Skills 
    Information Literacy 
    Quantitative Reasoning 
    Engaged Learning