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Discovery Park

A museum without walls.......

Located just below the bluff of LMU in Playa Vista, the 1.7 acre Ballona Discovery Park looks to bring science, education and community together.  Built on behalf of the partnership between LMU, Friends of Ballona Wetlands and Playa Vista, the Ballona Discovery Park displays the history of the Ballona Wetlands as seen through aspects of culture and science (Check out Friends of Ballona Wetlands detailed chronology of the Ballona Wetlands history).  The park includes something for everyone and of all ages, from interactive exhibits to a recreation of a Tongva living space.  The Ballona Discovery Park will be the center for LMU/CURes to roll out state-of-the-art research and education initiatives about urban ecology and watershed habitats worldwide.

For a brief overview of the different exhibits and points of interest in the park, use the Park Elements hyperlink.  For more detailed information, click on the desired exhibit on the Ballona Discovery Park site map (below).
Park Elements

For more information with LMU's involvement within the Ballona Discovery Park in The Buzz Click Here