LMU is committed to diversity in all its many forms.

Diversity adds immeasurable value to an LMU education both inside and outside the classroom. Diversity is not an end in itself. Being exposed to other cultures and beliefs creates a fresh understanding of our society and ourselves. Hearing other voices fosters debate. LMU is a place where we are free to say what we think and where we also listen to others. Through speaking and listening, we probe diversity, work through its challenges and reveal the richness of its promise.

Excellence in academics is impossible if an education is exclusive or offered only to the privileged. We are building a diverse student body because it reflects the global community in which we live and work and because it is the right thing to do to fully educate our students for the future.  more >>


LMU Framework for Diversity

LMU is pleased to share its Intercultural Framework, which includes the university's complete definition, vision and goals with respect to interculturalism.