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Inclusive Excellence Grants and Awards

Inclusive Excellence Grants and Awards

LMU's University Intercultural Council (UIC) aims to identify and fund higher education research and inclusive excellence projects that help LMU achieve its mission by way of infusing diversity and interculturalism throughout the campus community. 

UIC Membership includes staff and faculty who represent various departments and units across campus.

LMU's UIC invites campus constituencies to submit proposals for Inclusive Excellence Grants. Inclusive excellence re-envisions both quality and diversity. It reflects a striving for excellence in higher education that has been made more inclusive by decades of campus and national work to infuse diversity into recruiting, admissions, and hiring; into the curriculum and co-curriculum; and into administrative structures and practices. It also embraces newer forms of excellence, and expanded ways to measure excellence, that take into account research on learning and brain functioning, the assessment movement, and more nuanced accountability structures. In the same way, diversity efforts move beyond numbers of students or programs as end goals.  Instead, diversity and inclusion together, become a multilayered process through which we achieve excellence in learning, research and teaching; student development; institutional functioning; local and global community engagement; workforce development, and more (Clayton-Pederson, O’Neill & Musil, 2009). 


Inclusive Excellence Grant Recipients

Higher Education Research

  • Committee on the Status of Women: CSW conducted a needs assessment for a Women’s and Gender Equity Resource Center at LMU. (2012-2013 Cycle)
  • Leslie Ponciano, Assistant Professor, School of Education: Ponciano conducted a needs assessment of foster youth-specific services that are available at LMU.  (2013-2014 Cycle)
  • Fernando Estrada, Assistant Professor, School of Education: Estrada studied a teaching alliance in courses that focus on multicultural and diversity content. (2014-2015 cycle)
  • Sandra Luca, Director, Student Engagement, Seaver College of Science and Engineering: Luca will research academic experiences and sense of belonging of STEM students in A Community Committed to Excellence in Scientific Scholarship (ACCESS) Program. (2015-2016 Cycle)

Recruitment, Retention and Campus Climate projects

  • Brandon Tanori, graduate student in the School of Film and Television: Tanori helped to broaden the School of Film and Television’s graduate school recruitment efforts by reaching out to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). (2012-2013 Cycle)
  • Jamie Hazlitt, Outreach Librarian, and Raymundo Andrade, Library Cataloging Assistant: Hazlitt and Andrade provided technology and library skill development workshops to LMU’s service staff.  (2013-2014 Cycle)
  • La’Tonya Rease Miles, Director, Academic Resource Center:  Rease Miles expanded and enhance the Writing Community Workshop series for students who are the first in their families to go to college.  (2013-2014 Cycle)
  • Melvin Robert, Director, Office of Black Student Services: Robert provided monthly workshops wherein students will gain historical context in addition to practical knowledge.  (2013-2014 Cycle)
  • Maruth Figueroa, Director, Chicano/Latino Student Services: Figueroa provided a yearlong program for 12-15 sophomores.  The program focused on leadership capacity and empowerment using public narrative.  (2014-2015 Cycle) 
  • Maruth Figueroa, Aris Mosier, and Nathan Sessoms, Directors, Ethnic and Intercultural Services: Figueroa, Mosier and Sessoms will provide a program targeted at academically talented sophomores to assist them in exploring their identities while learning about the social and economic contexts of Los Angeles. (2015-2016 Cycle)
  • Maggie Bove-LaMonica, Assistant Director, LMU Family of Schools: Bove-LaMonica will utilize the grant to support the Leadership Education Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF) Initiative Fellows. (2016-2017 Cycle)

2017-2018 Grants

Call for Proposals: Higher Education Research (17-18)

Call for Proposals: Inclusive Excellence Project (17-18) 

Due on February 15, 2017




Inclusive Excellence Awards

Inclusive Excellence Awards recognize and honor individuals, academic departments, institutional units, and organizations within our campus community whose contributions and actions over time exemplify and advance LMU's commitment to inclusive excellence.

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice Program. Recognized for promoting intercultural awareness and inclusion within the LMU community through its rigorous course of study (2014-2015)

Greek Council. Recognized for contributing to a positive and intercultural LMU Greek Life experience through its programs and inclusive structure (2014-2015)

The Learning Community. Recognized for cultivating African American student leaders, instilling community consciousness and promoting academic and co-curricular success at LMU (2014-2015)

Edward Mosteig. Recognized for his commitment to inclusiveness and the encouragement of learning among underrepresented and first-generation students (2014-2015)

Steven Nygaard. Recognized for creating an inclusive living and learning environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity and establishes a warm, welcoming experience for all residents (2014-2015)


Call for Nominations: Inclusive Excellence Awards

Due March 17, 2017


A.R. Clayton-Pederson, N. O’Neill, & C.M. Musil (2009). Making Excellence Inclusive: A Framework for Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into Colleges and Universities’ Academic Excellence Mission. Washington, DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities.