Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for the Office of Intercultural Affairs is aligned with LMU’s Catholic/Jesuit/Marymount traditions, the Mission, the Academic Affairs Vision Statement, university learning goals, and strategic plan. 

Our strategic goals address inclusive excellence, inclusive curriculum and work environment, educational equity and accountability, advocacy and support, and research and scholarship.  Inclusive excellence reflects a striving for higher education that infuses diversity into all areas of the university—admissions and hiring, curriculum, and academic and residential learning environments.  Educational equity and accountability assesses educational excellence in ethnicity and gender, reveals the effectiveness of intercultural and diversity initiatives, and holds the entire university-wide system accountable for the outcomes.  As advocates, we proactively support and promote equitable progress for all members of the campus community, including historically underrepresented groups and women.  Research and scholarship is intended to provide empirical evidence that identifies trends, problems and issues related to educational equity and to analyze institutional data to determine whether these issues impact the LMU campus community. Through collaboration with faculty and staff realization of these goals will produce an inclusive campus community and world, thereby contributing to the University’s progress toward achieving the goals in its Strategic Plan and realizing its mission to education men and women for others.

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OIA Strategic Plan Brochure

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