Veterans and Service Providers

Black and white sketch of a veteran and a dog.

As a mental health provider:  Do you know what works to help veterans in gaining and maintaining wellness? 

Soldiers' Heart: Grief and Moral Repari

May 11, 2018, Saturday - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
University Hall, Room 1859
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Panelists for the October 2017 event included:  

  • Mark Mitchell, LMFT, EAP, instructor LMU Extension, Behavioral Co-Chair for LA Veterans Collaborative

  • Val Reyes (Lt. Col.) LCSW, 1st social worker and creator of 12-Step meetings in Afghanistan

  • Nathan Graeser, LCSW, M.Div., National Guard Chaplain, Community Analyst at LA Veterans Collaborative

  • Saralynn Tartaglia, President, Dogs of Service (Provider of service dogs to military members.) 

  • Lauren Terschluse, Director of Recreation Therapy at Higher Ground LA and Co-Chair of the Recreation Committee for the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist intern and holds a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

  • Johnny Aragon (Navy veteran) and Jenny Sanchez are Veteran Engagement Directors of Veterans and Social Programs for Team RWB – which connects veterans their community through physical and social activity.

  • Angel Barrios, MFTI, received a purple heart in combat with 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, currently a trainer at the West LA VA Wellness program.

Panel members may shift in the event of military scheduling needs for active or reserve members of the panel.

Video of Past Events

Event held on 6-3-17:  Video highlights of Veteran's Mental Health:  Accessing Care, Engaging in Treatment, and Healing

What People Have Said About the Past Events

Here are a couple of comments made by about Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Healing: 

  • This workshop was very insightful!  I left with skills to help others along with myself during stressful times.  (Jamie Williams)
  • ...Very good workshop, well organized, and great information.  Guest speaker was exceptional...  (Jill Swanson)

Therapists, trauma specialists and military personnel are talking about these workshops.  Comments heard include:

  • " Wow! the dream team made my head spin with good info about what to do."
  • " Seeing vets up there leading the charge inspire me in my work"
  • “I am burned out and needed to take a knee. This was it.”

At the workshops you will hear language used by veterans.  For those reading this page who are not familiar with the military lingo, "take a knee" means "take a break."  Come join us and learn the culture of the veterans.  

Past Events In the Series Include:

  • Veterans' Wellness:  What Works?  Resiliency, Hardiness, Thriving
  • Veteran's Mental Health:  Accessing Care, Engaging in Treatment, and Healing
  • Healing Veterans With Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Veterans & Addiction:  What Can We Do?
  • Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Healing 
  • Moral Injury:  Warriors, Families and Community
  • Healing the Soul:  Veterans and Their Families
  • Post Traumatic Growth:  Advances in PTSD and Moral Injury Healing 

The Above Workshop is Part of a Series of Workshops Addressing The Needs of Veterans and Service Providers to Our Returning Military Personnel

You can join in for one workshop, or participate in as many as you would like.  Events include short presentations, discussion and/or question and answer opportunities about topics of high importance to veterans and the people providing them with services.


For information, please send an email to or phone 310-338-2812. 


Los Angeles has the largest veteran population in the country.

20% of veterans will have some sort of PTSD or traumatic brain injury.

40% will have some sort of mental health issue.

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