Human Resources Management

LMU Extension has assisted Human Resources (HR) practicioners and consultants in career advancement for more than 20 years.  Our Human Resources Management Certificate program prepares you to successfully obtain the HRCI certification, aPHR. It will also teach subject matter knowledge included in the PHR exam. 

The Human Resources Management Certificate at LMU Extension is offered in two different formats. 

Classroom Version

One format is a classroom version held on the Loyola Marymount University campus. 

Live Interactive WebEx Version

The other format is closely patterned after the long-term successful classroom version, but instead of holding classes on the campus, classes are conducted through live WebEx webinars.  It is as close as possible to being in a traditional classroom, but instead of being on campus you will be in front of your computer engaged in a live class experience. You will have the opportunity of speaking directly to your instructor and your classmates.

If you are wondering about the WebEx webinars which are part of the online version of the course, you can view a recording of a conversation the Program Coordinator had with the course instructor, Jeanette Scott about both the classroom and the live WebEx versions of the course.   Please remember that the actual WebEx course is not a recording, but is a live class experience. view the live stream conversation go to: 

Both Versions

Both versions are 12-class sessions in length with class being held once a week.  Each class session is three and a half hours in length.  The course provides you with a solid foundational knowledge covering: 

  • The importance of the different kinds of business roles (administrative, operational, advocate, strategic) represented within human resources.
  • The challenges (competition, costs, globalization, ethics, workforce planning, an international and diverse workforce, and more) facing today’s human resources professionals.
  • Laws governing workforce practices from recruiting through to when an employee leaves the organization. 
  • All aspects of the human resources field:
    • State and federal labor laws
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Performance management
    • Compensation
    • Employee relations
    • Employee Development
    • Harassment
    • Benefits
    • Cost control
    • Reporting
    • Health/safety, and
    • Labor relations and collective bargaining

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus sets the learning culture of the course with the following description and learning outcomes by providing a clear course description and anticipated course learning outcomes.

Course Description

Working in this exciting and growing field you are a link between management and an organizations most valuable asset – its people.  Human Resources professionals are at the pulse of most businesses.  To succeed in this field it is important to have a solid understanding of the framework guiding human resources related decisions.  The core Human Resources Management Certificate offered at LMU Extension provides you with this crucial knowledge.  You can take what you learn and apply it in business organizations within the for-profit, non-profit or government sectors.  

At the end of successfully completing this 12-week course you are eligible to receive a certificate issued by Loyola Marymount University.  The Human Resources Management Certificate was developed under the tutelage of highly professional and respected practitioners in the field; the program provides the essentials for a thorough understanding of the principles and realities of day-to-day human resources activities. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide diversified insights into the field of Human Resources Management.
  • Serve as a foundation for learning more about specific HR functional areas following completion of this course.
  • Show the relationship of HR to other operating departments of an organization.
  • Explain the progression and expansion of the field in relation to social, economic and political factors in the United States.
  • Conduct regular discussions of HR issues from a practical, hands-on and interactive approach.
  • Provide the student with significant amounts of information about Human Resources to create a truly basic understanding of the field.

Vital Information about the Course


You can review the table of contents of the course textbook to gain appreciation of the complexity of the material covered in this course.  Material in all the chapters in valuable text is covered.  The course text is:  Human Resources Management, Fifteenth Edition, Authors:  Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, Meglich (Students may choose to use the Kindle version.)  South-Western Cengage Learning – Ohio

What You Can Anticipate

  • Participating in rich discussions covering text material and additional material provided by your instructor pertaining to very current human resources hot topics. 
  • Reinforcing your book studies through brainstorming with classmates.  
  • Earn extra credit by presenting to the class on an important human resources topic. 
  • Take a mid-term and a final exam.
  • Whether you are in the on-campus version of this course, or the WebEx online version, you can expand your professional network by making friends with your classmates. 
  • Talking to your instructor about how to further your career in human resources. 

Receiving a Certificate

Upon successful completion of the 12-week Human Resources Management Certificate course, you will submit a request to receive the certificate document from Loyola Marymount University.  (It is gorgeous and has a lot of similarities in appearance to a diploma.)  Successful completion of the course means you received a grade of “B-“or better.  There is no cost involved in submitting the request.  Your instructor will provide you with the form to make the request. 

What Past Students Say About The Course

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Courses are offered during the Spring and Fall Semesters

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Fall 2017 Enrollment

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Human Resources Management Certificate, Classroom Version

 Human Resources Management Certificate, Online Version


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Facebook Page

Current students and alumni of the Human Resources Management Certificate at LMU Extension are invited to join the program's "closed group" Facebook page.  This page was started in November of 2015.  The goal of the page is to provide a forum for alumni to share job leads and to support one another in your careers.  As job openings become known they will be posted onto the page.   This page can also be used to discuss hot human resources topics.  The link to the new group is:  LMU Extension Human Resources Management Alumni Group.   (Click on the link and request to join.) 

About the Instructor of the 12-week Human Resources Management Certificate Course

Instructor Jeanette Scott, PHR has extensive “hands-on” experience in the human resources arena with over three decades of experience.   Ms. Scott is a Human Resources Consultant providing her clients with expertise in developing human resources practices that fit their business needs.  She is skilled at creating an environment conducive to positive employee relations while minimizing financial risk. She has conducted numerous trainings on HR procedures, safety, and harassment and has acquired a deep knowledge of working within a manufacturing and distribution environment having worked for over thirty years for Merle Norman Cosmetics headquartered in Los Angeles.  She holds the prestigious level of Professional in Human Resources (PHR) issued by the Human Resources Certificate Institute (HRCI) and holds a B.A. in Management with an emphasis in HRM.  Ms. Scott is a member of Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA), and the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).  She is a past member of the California Unemployment Insurance Council (CUIC).

Tuition Assistance

General information about tuition assistance can be found at:

The Human Resources Management Certificate is approved for funding through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), which is a federally funded training and job program.  Authorized workforce investment activities provided at the local level benefit job seekers, dislocated workers, youth, foster care participants, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities, and employers.  You initiate a request for WIA funding and approvals are obtained at a WorkSource Center, an America’s Job Center, or through the Employment Development Department.  Information about can be viewed at:  You can locate a center at: (America’s Job Center) .

Advanced Human Resources Management Certificate

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Do You Have Questions?

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General Information


 Class Meetings  LMU Westchester Campus  1 LMU Drive  Los Angeles, CA 90045  - Parking Info

Semester Hours  4.0
Coursework  INRX 800 (Classroom) or  INRX 825.01 (Online)

 Tuition Classroom Style $670; Online Style $940
 Materials + Books  Various 

Jeanette Scott

Required Coursework and Schedule.  Classes meet in the evenings during the Fall and Spring semesters. For the ‘core” Human Resources Management Certificate, students must complete a total of 4.0 semester hours in coursework with a letter grade of 'B-' or higher in each course to receive a certificate of completion. Click here for course descriptions and scheduling. Click here to see what classes are currently being offered in the course catalog.  For the Advanced Human Resources Management Certificate, students must complete seven 2.0 semester hour courses with a letter grade of ‘B-‘ or higher in each course and have successfully completed the “core” certificate. 

Course and program requirements, schedules and tuition are subject to change; and additional fees may be incurred for books and materials. Please check the Web site or contact LMU Extension for updated information. Click here to review all policies prior to enrollment.