There is always something new in the learning laboratory that is LMU Extension. What would you like to learn today?

Since the opening of the first Jesuit, Marymount and St. Joseph schools hundreds of years ago, the educational philosophy of these three religious communities have stood the test of time, due in part to their shared commitment to both academic excellence and adaptability.

Change, for better or worse, is a constant. And in the wake of such continuous change – be it economic, political, social or even environmental – the Jesuit, Marymount and St. Joseph commitment to excellence invariably remains. It, too, is a constant.

LMU Extension is where these two constants meet.

At LMU Extension, we believe education is the solution to navigating a world of change. As such, our goal is to provide adult learners – at whatever stage of life they may be – with adaptable opportunities for the development of their imagination, conscience and intellect, whether it is on the campus, in the community, or online. With 25 professional certificate programs, 35 online certificate programs, and over 400 courses in a variety of subjects and delivery methods; there is something for everyone here at LMU Extension.

Let this Web site be your gateway to new opportunities, both professionally and personally. Let us help you open new doors, inspire new ways of thinking, explore hidden talents, and awaken a renewed sense of purpose.


Robert Hurteau Signature
Robert A. Hurteau, Ph.D.
Interim Senior Director