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Yee? Baw for Bokes

Some of the most prominent figures in medieval literature and textual studies have assembled to offer essays on Middle English manuscripts and verse in honor of Hoyt N. Duggan (“Dug”).

Duggan is a pioneer in matters of medieval prosody and is founder of the Piers Plowman Electronic Archive, an ambitious project in digital-textual archaeology. Duggan’s project is based on antique books, but it is an innovation in the history of all books, unlocking, in unprecedented detail, manuscript evidence that has stood silent or occluded for centuries.

Striving to display unity and focus, the essays in this collection all work directly with Middle English manuscripts, the only remaining witnesses to the voices of the Middle Ages. The essays also speak to and complement one another with an awareness that one seldom sees in festschrifts. Piers Plowman itself is the subject of at least half of the essays, and students of that last great pre-Reformation English poem will find here a deep resource of new information.

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The Resurrection

Did it really happen, and why does it matter? These two questions are at the heart of Sandra M. Schneiders’ (IHM) talk on the resurrection, presented at the Marymount Institute as the inaugural event in the Mary Milligan Lecture in Spirituality series.

Published as an essay in book form by the Marymount Institute Press, The Resurrection poses a number of questions about the meaning of Easter as a religious holiday.

“What does it mean to say that Christ is risen? Does it mean that he is immortal, a spirit alive with God somewhere outside of earthly time and pace (which most Christians believe is true of all who die in faith), or did something unique, that has happened to no one else, happen to Jesus on the first Easter? And, if so, what was it, and why is this event unique significant for us?” asks Schneiders in her introduction to the book.  

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