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Upcoming & Recent Books

Soaring on Winged Verse

This official memoir of late Ethiopian Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin. From 1951 to 1996, Tsegaye wrote close to 45 plays (including translations and adaptations) as well as a volume of poetry Isat Woy Abeba (Blaze or Bloom) considered one the most influential works in Amharic.

The memoir, completed posthumously by author Fasil Yitbarek, begins in New York, in the twilight years of Tsegaye’, as a collaborative effort between the author and the poet. It is a text culled from long interview sessions conducted with this memoir in mind. Part of the book was completed after Tsegaye’s death in February 2006 through extensive research done by family members, the author, and the editor, both in the U.S. and in Ethiopia.

Soaring on Winged Verse serves as an intimate window into the writer’s world, and a glimpse of the possible origins of his creative musings. Chronicling his humble beginnings as a shepherd in Boda to his rise as a luminary literary figure, this publication arguably represents the most complete memoir of Tsegaye’s eventful life.

Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow

Flowers of Today, Seeds of Tomorrow tells the story of a generation of Ethiopians forced into diaspora, who found success in adopted homes around the world. Through the individuals profiled, the book also tells the story of their parents’ generation, of the courage and fortitude that enabled the success of the disapora generation

Rather than images of war and famine, Flowers of Today brings tales of successful scientists, doctors, filmmakers, singers, entrepreneurs, authors, academics, and more. Through these stories, we shed new light on an unfairly maligned country and people, while providing inspiration to a new generation of Ethiopian children.


Uniting a Continent

Uniting a Continent celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Organization for African Unity, which officially came into being on May 25, 1963, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

A hardcover, coffee table book, Uniting a Continent includes concise biographies and original, hand-drawn portraits of all the African statesmen who signed to original OAU charter 50 years ago – this is the first time ever such information appears in a single volume.

The book also contains basic information on all member countries, as well as a detailed infographic time line for the OAU and a collection of rare photographs from the first  meeting of the Organization.