Award Recipients

LMU Award Recipients

LMU students have earned several national and international distinctions for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016:

Fulbright Scholarship: 
The Fulbright provides grants to students to study or conduct research projects abroad. The Fulbright also offers English Teaching Assistantships. The program facilitates cultural exchange through direct interaction with the people of their host country.

Fulbright 2015-2016
•    Matthew Alvarez (MA in Special Education, Class of 2016) - ETA, Brazil
•    Jake Coronel (MA Secondary Education, Class of 2016) - ETA, Mexico
•    Lauren Thurmond (MA in Educatonal Sciences, Class of 2016) - ETA Greece
•    Monique Mansour (BA in Screenwriting & BA in Sociology, Class of 2012) - ETA, Malta
•    Nina Lepp (BSE in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2016) - ETA, Poland
•    Alana Slavin (BA in Economics & BA in Spanish, Class of 2016) - Study/Research Grant and
      Partnership Award, Netherlands
•    Ryan Beitz (MA in Philosophy, Class of 2016) - Study/Research Grant, Finland
•    Anna Walther (JD, Class of 2011) - Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship
•    Iftin Abshir (BS in Chemistry and BA in Screenwriting, Class of 2015) - Semi-Finalist
•    Hannah Bredberg (BA in Music, Class of 2012) - Semi-Finalist
•    Taylor Kay (BA in Urban Studies, Class of 2015) - Semi-Finalist
Alexis Maynard (BS in Chemistry, Class of 2016) - Semi-Finalist
•    Quinn Painter (BS in Natural Science, Class of 2014) - Semi-Finalist

Fulbright 2014-2015
•    Nicholas Aldredge (MA in Urban Education, Class of 2017) - ETA, Colombia
•    Stephanie Wang (MA in Special Education, Class of 2017) - ETA, Taiwan
•    Kristy Koenes (MA in Special Education, Class of 2017) - ETA, Poland
•    Ronald Gomez (MA in Urban Education, Class of 2016) - Summer 2015 ETA, Dominican Republic
•    Nicole Ostlund (BA in Psychology, Class of 2014) - Study/Research Grant, Norway, Finalist

Mitchell Scholarship: 
The George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program is a nationally competitive award for U.S. citizens designed to introduce and connect future American leaders to the island of Ireland, while recognizing and fostering academic excellence, leadership, and a commitment to public service.
•    Lacey Smith (BS in Health and Human Sciences, Class of 2016)- Lacey will study Immunology and Global Health at Maynooth University during the 2018-18 academic year.

Truman Scholarship:
The Harry S. Truman Scholarship provides grants for graduation education to U.S. college juniors and seniors who have demonstrated leadership potential and a committment to public service.
•    Alana Slavin (Economics major, Spanish major, Biology minor) - Finalist

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX):
The CBYX for Young Professionals funds American and German Young Professionals to study or intern and immerse themselves in each other's countries for a year.
•    Kyle Peerless (Mechanical Engineering major, Class of 2015)
•    Lara Dobson (Sociology major, German minor, Class of 2015)

Meridian Fellowship Program: 
The Meridian Fellowship Program for recent graduates invites Fellows to engage in multi-party collaborative problem solving. 
•    Brian Canave (Political Science major, Asian and Pacific Studies major, Class of 2014) - Finalist

Princeton in Asia Program: 
The Princeton in Asia Program sponsors funds students to immerse themselves in Asia in order to foster mutual appreciation and cultural understanding.
•    Brian Canave (Political Science major, Asian and Pacific Studies major, Class of 2014) - Finalist


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