LMU Institutional Profile

LMU Institutional Profile (PDF)

Institutional Name & Address Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659
Organization Type Four-year, private, comprehensive Master's I Institution. A nonprofit (501c3) corporation founded in 1911 and chartered by the State of California. Jesuit and Marymount traditions.
Chief Academic Officer Thomas Poon, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Provost

Chief Financial Officer &
Authorizing Official

Thomas O. Fleming, Jr., Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
contracts@lmu.edu | 310.338.2738 | Fax 310.338.2732
University Hall, Suite 4900
Authorizing Official John Carfora, Ed.D., CCEP, RIO, Associate Provost for Research Advancement & Compliance
John.Carfora@lmu.edu | 310.338.6004 | Fax 310.338.5193
University Hall, Suite 3000
Office for Research &
Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
John Carfora, Ed.D., CCEP, RIO, Acting Director 
orsp@lmu.edu | 310-338-6004 | Fax 310.338.5193
University Hall, Suite 3000
Post Award Administration
and Accounting (PAAA)
Sharon R. Elenbaas, Director
grantaccounting@lmu.edu | 310.568.6208 | Fax 310.338.7550
University Hall, Suite 2200
Animal Assurance Number A3278-01
CAGE Code 3D1Q1
Carnegie Classification Master's Colleges and Universities I (MAI)

U.S. Congressional District
     Westchester Campus:
     Loyola Law School:

CA-043    (zip+4 code 90045-2659)
CA-034    (zip+4 code 90015-1211)

DUNS Number 072946239
Entity Identification Number 1951643334A2
Employer ID/Taxpayer ID 95-1643334
Federal-Wide Assurance Approval 00004214
Expires: 02/10/2018
FOB Code N/A
Fringe Benefits Rate, Federally-Negotiated 26.8% (Fringe Benefits Rate Policy)
Fringe Benefits Rate, Internal (use for non-federal grants) 34.5% (Fringe Benefits Rate Policy)
Housing for Visiting Faculty LMU Visiting Faculty Houses
Indirect Cost Rate (IDCR or F&A), Federally-Negotiated 38% (Please see the LMU Facilities and Administrative Cost Policy or Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, negotiated with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.)
IRB Registration G00002641
For more information, visit LMU's IRB website.
LMU's Audited Financial Statement R‌eport and Financial Statements (May 31, 2016)
N6 Supplier Number 80006820
NAICS Code 611310
NSF Organization Code 011649100
OLAW Assurance A-3278-01
05/13/2014 - 05/31/2018