Program Requirements

SURP Program Requirements

The following are requirements for participation in The Summer Undergraduate Research Program:

  • Students must commit 20 hours per week to their research for the full 6 week program
  • Students will meet regularly with their faculty mentors
  • Students must participate in a minimum of two SURP activities (student-mentored gatherings and workshops)
  • Students must participate in the SURP program assessment 
  • Students must present their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held in March 2017 
  • Students must submit an abstract at the end of the 6 week program 

Title and Compensation

As a SURP participant, you will hold the title of RAINS Undergraduate Research Fellow. The stipend for the 6 week program is $1,500. 

Public Presentation

It is expected that students participating in SURP will present the findings of their research project or creative activity at a public, professional event. The LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium, a discipline-based conference or exhibit, or a published paper are examples of such activity. Your public presentation should be given at some point during the academic year. If you have been a contributor to a publication, you may submit evidence that the work has been accepted for publication.

Final Abstract

Submission of a final abstract (due the last week of the program) to the Office of Undergraduate Research and to your faculty mentor is required.

Interested in applying for the 2017 SURP Coordinator position? Please email with your resume by 4/10/17.