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Core Curriculum

Consistent with the goals of the University and with the desire to provide undergraduate students with an education founded strongly in human values, Loyola Marymount University has adopted the following goals and objectives. 


  • To provide a strong undergraduate humanistic education within the traditions of the Society of Jesus and the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.
  • To foster the desire for knowledge and to provide the skills necessary for a lifetime of intellectual growth in a global society.
  • To prepare students to play active roles in addressing the problems and challenges they will face in attempting to create a just world. 


  • To develop an understanding of religious experience and beliefs, with particular attention to theological questions as addressed by Catholic Christianity.
  • To develop a habit of philosophical reflection.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of the history of humankind in the arts, literature, and philosophy.
  • To develop a knowledge of the structures, values, and practices of contemporary societies.
  • To develop the arts of precise and elegant expression in speaking and writing.
  • To develop the skills of critical thinking.
  • To develop quantitative skills and an understanding of the history and principles of mathematics and science and technology.
  • To cultivate and engage the creative imagination.
  • To explore ways to live more fully and to act more responsibly within a culturally diverse world. 

This Guide will describe:

  • The new University Core Curriculum requirements;
  • Implications of the new University Core Curriculum for the Old University Core Curriculum;
  • Implications of the new University Core Curriculum for the University’s general bachelor’s degree requirements.

If a student still has questions about the New Core, s/he may ask the academic advisor or consult the Dean's Office.

Download the 2014-2015 Core Information Guide (Revised)

To aid in selection of Core courses during registration, a Schedule of Classes, specific to the new core, groups the Core Courses by Area - consult the Schedule of Classes for the active registration term.