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Quick Reference: How Do I?

  • Access My Grades - A final grade report is emailed to the student's LMU email account at the end of each semester. A student can also view grades in PROWL (Student Services > Student Records > Midterm Grades, Final Grades, or Academic Transcript)
  • Access My Current Registration - PROWL (Student Services Menu > Registration Menu > Select A Term)
  • Change My PIN or Security Question - PROWL (Personal Information Menu)
  • Change My Major - Complete this form and obtain the necessary signatures
  • Check my Email Address - PROWL (Personal Information Menu)
  • Check for Any Holds - PROWL (Personal Information Menu > Registration Menu > View Holds)
  • Check my CAPP - PROWL (Student Services Menu > CAPP Report)
  • Check My Student Account - PROWL (Personal Information Menu)
  • Check My Student Record - PROWL (Student Services Menu > Student Accounts and Billing Menu)
  • Contact the Registrar's Office here
  • Do I Need My LMU Email Address - Yes. LMU will send all official communications with the student to the Lion Mail address. You may forward your Lion Mail to another personal email, but you must ensure that you are receiving emails through Lion Mail.
  • Find info about the Schedule of Classes, Final Exam, and other academic info - Academic Resources
  • Find the Forms to Make Changes here
  • Locked out of PROWL? Reset my PROWL Account
  • Make changes (report adjustments) to My CAPP Report - Form
  • Request a Transcript or Enrollment Verification - You may print your own through PROWL (Student Services Menu > Student Records Menu)
  • Not end up on academic probation - Academic Standing
  • Verify My Transfer Work - PROWL (Student Services Menu > Student Records Menu)

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