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Application for Degree

What a student must do:

Want a refresher on the graduation process at LMU?

  • A student who intends to graduate in a term must submit an application for degree by the specified deadline.
  • Every graduating student must submit an application - even after the stated deadlines. Missing deadlines may render the student ineligible for certain graduation honors, BUT failure to apply renders a student ineligible for degree for that term.
  • A student whose degree application was canceled MUST submit a new application for a subsequent term in which ALL degree requirements have been met. The University will not refile an application for you.
  • A student is responsible for ensuring that the CAPP report shows all degree requirements as being met; addressing and completing outstanding degree requirements is the sole responsibility of the student. You will not graduate until your CAPP shows all requirements as met.
  • A student is held responsible for and complying with the University's degree requirements as stated in the Bulletin. Failure to read and understand these regulations will not excuse a student from their observance.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Students who have declared a second major and/or minor(s) must complete these at the same time as the primary major of the degree.  An unfinished second major and/or minor(s) will cause the primary degree application to be cancelled.
  • Students who are earning two degrees must complete an application for each degree.
  • The completion of all incomplete work required for the degree prior to the degree date of that term. A grade of Incomplete in a required course at the time of degree posting renders the student ineligible for that degree date.


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