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Final Grades and Degrees

Final Grades

Final grades for Spring 2017 are due in the Registrar's Office on Wednesday, May 10. Grade emails will be sent beginning on the evening of May 11, and continue until all grades have been posted. Those who receive a grade of NR (the instructor did not yet submit a final grade) in one or more of their courses will receive a subsequent email with each grade posting as the instructors submit the grades. The student's GPA will be recalculated once an assigned grade has been entered.

Questions concerning an NR grade should be addressed directly with the instructor.

Degree Postings & Diploma Orders

The degree dates for Spring are May 6 (undergraduates) and May 7 (graduates), 2017. The Office of the Registrar works in tandem with the Deans' Offices to ensure that each student's CAPP shows ALL REQUIREMENTS MET which is the prerequisite for the degree. Each student's degree is as important as the next and time is of the essence; we post the degrees as quickly and responsibily as possible. Please note that we are unable to accept requests for expedited handling; messages and email requesting such cannot be returned at this time. 

The printing time for a diploma and its mailing is approximately three weeks. Diplomas sent to an international address may be delayed in delivery for which LMU assumes no liability. Please note that the printing company does not accept requests for special handling.

Please send an email to if you have further questions or concerns.