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New Transfer Students

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PLEASE NOTE: in order for you to access options within PROWL as well as other University systems, you must first activate your PROWL account by updating both the Emergency Contact and LMU Alert info.  Use the login information given to you in your acceptance letter.

Greetings fellow Lion!

Congratulations on your acceptance to LMU! I am the Director of Academic Transfer Services, and my office exists to assist you with any transfer related needs you may experience throughout your LMU career. In conjunction with Transfer Programs, my goal is to see you graduate in as expeditious a timeframe as possible and to assist you in accessing and navigating the extensive network of academic resources available to you as a student at LMU.

I look forward to meeting you personally and invite you to make an appointment with me to discuss your future at LMU. Whether you have specific concerns regarding course registration and academic advising, or you just want to say “Hi”, my door is always open. I am confident that you will find Loyola Marymount University to be as dynamic and as supportive as I did as a student. 

Please contact me directly to discuss any concerns you have about your enrollment at LMU by email or by phone (310) 338-1922.

I wish you all the best and I look forward to meeting you!


Thomas A. Gutto ‘01
Director of Academic Transfer Services

Office of Enrollment Management


Charles Von der Ahe Building
1 LMU Drive, Suite 150
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659 | Privacy + Legal




The next step toward your enrollment at LMU is to submit your $250 Commitment Deposit.

To submit your deposit, log on to: and pay by E-Check

(Click on the “Deposit” tab). On the login screen, you’ll need your university ID number and PIN. Your LMU ID number can be found in the printed acceptance letter. For your PIN, new visitors to this online student service system (PROWL) will use your date of birth (mmddyy). If you have previously visited LMU’s PROWL system and chosen your own six-digit PIN, use the PIN you have selected.

When your payment transaction is complete, you’ll see a Payment Receipt screen, which will include your confirmation number. Please make note of this confirmation number.

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your check for $250 payable to Loyola Marymount University, Office of Undergraduate Admission. Be sure to note your LMU ID number on your check.

Please do this as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than the deadline you’ll see in your printed acceptance letter. Deposits submitted electronically or postmarked after the deadline can be honored only if space remains available.

This deposit is non-refundable and is not applied toward any student expenses.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-LMU-INFO.

Be sure you remember to take care of each of the following items as you prepare to enroll at LMU. Call the Admission Office (800-LMU-INFO, or 310-338-2750) if you have any questions.

  • Submit your $250 Commitment Deposit by the due date. (You may pay online or by mailing a check or money order.)
  • Be sure your Financial Aid application is complete, if you are seeking financial assistance.
  • Log on to LMU’s PROWL system and review your Transfer Course Evaluation.
  • Request that any outstanding transcripts be sent to LMU’s Admission Office ASAP.
  • Complete and submit the Student Housing License Agreement and Housing Application, along with the $400 Housing Processing Fee, if you plan to live on campus. (Tip: the sooner you do this, the better your housing options.)
  • After paying your Commitment Deposit and reviewing your Transfer Course Evaluation, contact your Dean’s office to schedule your advisement and registration appointment. Use the phone numbers included in the acceptance packet.
  • RSVP for Transfer BBQ, when you receive your invitation. The Transfer BBQ will be held on Friday, July 25.
  • RSVP for Transfer Student Orientation, when you receive your invitation.  Orientation will be held on Thursday, August 21.

If you require financial aid to attend LMU, it’s extremely important that you provide all the necessary forms and information as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. Please file your 2014-2015 FAFSA as soon as possible, but no later than May 1. 

For complete information about applying for financial aid from LMU visit our website, Please note that the speediest way to file your FAFSA is electronically, using FAFSA on the web. Visit Be sure to follow all instructions completely and carefully. If you file your FAFSA online, you and your parent(s) will both need electronic Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). Allow 2-3 days to receive your PINs. 

The Financial Aid Office will communicate with you about your financial aid through MyAid, our Financial Planner website. You can access MyAid through our MyLMU portal ( MyAid allows you to check the status of your financial aid application, to see a list of tasks and requirements awaiting completion, and to communicate directly with a financial aid counselor. Even if you are not applying for financial aid, MyAid will help you anticipate your expenses for the upcoming school year. Please check your MyAid account regularly to insure that you do not miss important notices or requests for additional information.

Again, the most important thing is – don’t wait. Get your questions answered now to avoid delays later. There’s nothing bureaucratic about LMU, but remember, there are a variety of requirements and deadlines imposed by state and federal agencies. So it can cost you a good deal of money if you don’t follow the procedures and meet the deadlines. For specific questions you may email the Financial Aid office at

All admitted students will receive information about living in university housing from our Student Housing Office. If you wish to live on campus, pay careful attention to this information – it will include all the instructions you need to apply for housing.

To be considered for housing on campus, you must complete the online Housing Application and you must agree to and electronically acknowledge the License Agreement, which you’deposit fee find within the Housing Application. The Housing Application gives you the chance to express your own preferences with regard to your on campus housing, and the License Agreement spells out your obligations as a resident student. It’s important to follow the instructions for submitting this information to the Housing Office by the due date indicated, and for sending your non-refundable $400 processing fee. None of the processing involved with placing you in LMU Housing can proceed until these completed forms and the processing fee have been received.

Although housing is not guaranteed for transfer students, in recent years Student Housing has been able to accommodate all students who complete all steps of the housing application process. Please be aware you will be assigned as space becomes available and in some instances this may be right before the semester begins. Housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. In all circumstances, housing will work out best if you request it early and return the required materials at your earliest opportunity.

Transfer student advisement is coordinated through the Dean’s offices in each of LMU’s colleges. Once you have paid your Commitment Deposit, reviewed your transfer course evaluation, and reviewed your registration information from the Registrar’s Office, you may contact your advisor to schedule your advisement appointment any time after May 15. Registration for fall semester courses will be available throughout the summer, and you may register through August 29. 

Your Dean’s office contacts are listed below. As soon as you have received notification from the Registrar indicating that your transcripts have been processed, and you have reviewed your transfer course evaluation on PROWL (but not before, please – remember, the Deans can’t assist you until you’ve reviewed this evaluation and are prepared to register), contact the appropriate office to make your advisement appointment.

College of Business Administration
Ms. Suzanne Calderon  

College of Communication & Fine Arts 
Dr. Elaine Walker
310-338-2992 (preferred)         

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Ms. Yolanda Klishevich

Seaver College of Science & Engineering
Ms. Brier Lindsay  

School of Film & Television  
Ms. Linda Jorgensen  

Information about the registration process can be found on line at the Registrar’s website ( This info will include a link to PROWL, where you will actually register for your courses after you consult with your advisor. To view the fall semester Schedule of Courses in real time, including up to date availability of every course, log into your MyLMU account and click on the “Schedule of Courses” link, which will now appear under “Quick Links” on the top navigation bar. Once you access the Schedule of Courses, you can click “Show Catalog Descriptions” to see the full course descriptions. If you have not yet utilized MyLMU, you can set up your access by going to and clicking on and then following the instructions under Reset your Password.

Please be advised that some students may be asked to take a math placement exam depending on your major and your math background. This exam is for placement purposes only, and no permanent record of your exam will be kept. Similarly, if you plan to continue with foreign language studies at LMU, you will be asked to take a placement exam as well.

Once your advisement is complete, you can use PROWL to select your courses. One final note: there will be an Orientation for all fall transfer students on Thursday, August 21. You’deposit fee receive information and an invitation after we receive your Commitment Deposit. Orientation is a great way to learn more about the campus, meet your fellow transfers, and wrap up some of the final details for the fall semester.

While the Dean’s offices and other important offices on campus will be open during Orientation, please make every effort to take care of your registration and other important matters in advance. Your course selection options will be greater the earlier you take care of registration, and doing so will allow you to make the most of all the opportunities that Orientation will offer. If you have any questions concerning any aspect of LMU’s Advisement, Registration or Orientation programs, please call the Admission Office (1-800-LMU INFO). 

Welcome to LMU!