PROWL and Registration

Registration is open for Summer II 2017 (ends on June 30) and Fall 2017 (ends on September 1).

Registration Appointment Times:

Continuing Students (including Return from Leave):

  • Registration begins on or after the appointed time found in PROWL (Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status). Appointments are based on the number of earned hours and excludes those In Progress.

Entering Students:

  • First-year Students register during the chosen Orientation Session.
  • Transfer Students register after being advised by their respective Dean's Office.
  • Graduate Students receive a time assigned by the system.
  • Where do I find my appointment time?

    In PROWL select Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status to view the student's registration day and time.

  • What if I have a class during my registration appointment?

    The registration day and time is the earliest time a student can register. The student may register anytime after the appointment time.

  • How do I contact my academic advisor?

    Find the academic advisor's name in PROWL: Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status. The name will link automatically to the advisor's email account.

  • What if I try to register for a class and there is an error message?

    You may see an error message in PROWL after submitting a CRN. Registration in the class will be prevented if there is a registration hold and/or a PROWL registration message.

  • What do I do if a class I need is closed?

    You may wish to waitlist the class and/or search for other open sections of the course. If there are no open sections and you must have a certain class (not section) in the semester, you may request an override. Contacts for the override may be the associate dean's office/program director/course department chair. Please note that only an associate dean's office may add you to a closed course. You may not sit in a course in which you are not enrolled through PROWL.

  • May I waitlist a course?

    Many courses have a waitlist. You may choose to join a waitlist directly via PROWL.

  • When may I register for a unit overload?

    Undergraduates are restricted to an amount of hours set by the college until two weeks before the start of the Fall semester and one week before the start of the Spring semester. Beginning on those days, undergraduates may request unit overloads.

  • How do I register for a class with a lab?

    When registering for a class with a required lab, both CRNs must be submitted at the same time. PROWL is linear in its processing and will look for the class CRN first and then the lab CRN. If you do not enter them in course-then-lab order, the registration will fail.

  • May I repeat a course for a better grade?

    See Repeat Courses at LMU in the bulletin.

  • Where are my classes located?

    The student schedule can be viewed in PROWL: Student Services > Registration > Student Schedule by Day & Time or Student Detail Schedule. The campus map has a list of campus building abbreviations.