Register in PROWL

Continuing Students receive a registration time based on the number of semester hours completed. Registration can begin on or anytime after this appointed time which is found on PROWL (Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status) . In order for your registration to go as smoothly as possible, please consider the following information as you prepare for registration.

New Transfer Students receive information in the Acceptance Letter from Undergraduate Admission. Please follow those directions to begin but please also consult the following services and information.

Entering Freshmen Students receive information and register in Orientation Groups during the summer.

Graduate Students are assigned a time by the system.

Forget your PROWL Login information?

Helpful Resources

  • The LMU Schedule of Classes is available in real-time through MyLMU and in PDF format.
  • The University Bulletin is available online to review academic policies and procedures.
  • CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) is LMU's degree auditing system for undergraduate and graduate programs. CAPP is accessed through PROWL.

Possible Restrictions

  • PROWL will prevent registration for more than 17 semester hours until the date specified in the Academic Calendar. Students with financial aid or other financial awards should consult the full-time financial aid policy.
  • PROWL will display a message when a course has restrictions. You may need to seek a restriction override.
  • Students may repeat courses previously taken at LMU but should be aware of academic policy and financial aid policies.

Registration Holds

Review the "View Holds" option in the "Student Services" tab in PROWL. Resolve any holds that appear prior to your registration time by contacting the department that placed the hold.

You may find an Academic Advisor hold which will be in effect until you meet with your advisor to review your schedule. A student is assigned an academic advisor for each major and each minor. Advisor names can be found on PROWL.

CAPP Review

Review your CAPP degree audit in PROWL. All the degree work you have completed at LMU thus far (including those in progress) is evaluated into the relevant degree and program categories. This should report your degree progress as you expect. If it does not, you may need to process a Petition for CAPP Adjustments ‌ form with your Dean's Office.

Review Your Registration

  • Full-time standing for undergraduates is 12 or more units; for graduate students it is 6 or more.
  • If you receive financial aid, consult the full-time policy.
  • View or print a copy of CAPP and ensure the courses are fulfilling degree requirements according to CAPP. If not, consult your advisor or Dean's Office for further help.