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CAPP - Degree Audit

CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) is the online degree audit system for undergraduate and graduate programs at LMU. CAPP, accessed through PROWL, is the record of progress toward the student's stated degree.  CAPP evaluates coursework toward the degree, although it is not the official record of courses taken at LMU and as such, may not be used to verify enrollment, grades, or GPA. 

CAPP is designed to include all of the student's coursework such as:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) credit
  • Transferred courses taken at other institutions
  • LMU courses that are graded, in-progress, or registered for in the upcoming semester

How To Use CAPP

All requirements for the student’s degree are listed on CAPP. A column labeled met is displayed next to each requirement showing the student which courses remain for degree completion. When any aspect of a student’s program changes, it is reflected immediately in CAPP.

CAPP groups courses by area (Core, Electives, Major, Upper Division, etc.) to show how they count toward degree requirements. A course may appear in two areas if the course can count for both requirements.

CAPP Format

CAPP audits the courses according to the groups and will tell you the result of the overall area (Met or Not Met) as well as printing a Yes or No to the individual requirements in each of the areas. 

  • The first section is Program Notes
  •  The second section is Program Evaluation
  • The third is University Core

Official Use

The Office of the Registrar uses CAPP to certify students for graduation and all areas in CAPP must show met before the student may graduate. CAPP areas include not only core, major, and minor requirements, but also the required amount of upper division hours and the total number of hours necessary to complete a degree.

Students should review CAPP regularly to make sure that courses are listed in the correct areas. CAPP may be adjusted by the student to allow for course substitutions, waived requirements, or any other variances in the program of study. Students must submit an approved Petition for CAPP Adjustments from the Dean’s Office to the Office of the Registrar.