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Do I need to file an application for degree?
Yes. You must inform the University that you intend to graduate in a specific term by filing an online Application for Degree no later than the end of that term. To be considered for department and university awards, a student must file the application on or before the deadline listed in the academic calendar. The University will not file a degree application for you. Although this is a necessary step in the degree awarding process, the filing of the application does not imply that a degree will be awarded.

What do I do if I have two majors?
You will need to submit one Application for Degree, indicating each major on the one form.

What do I do if I have two degrees?
You will need to submit two separate Applications for Degree, one for each degree.

What is the deadline for applying to graduate in Spring 2015 and be considered for department and university awards?
Friday, January 16, 2015.

Do I need to complete an Application for Degree if I'm not participating in Commencement?
Yes. The application is for the awarding of the degree and must be filed by the deadline in the Office of the Registrar before a degree can be posted. Students indicate whether or not they wish to participate in Commencement on this form.

Is there a difference between participating in Commencement and actually graduating from LMU?
Yes, there is a big difference. To graduate from LMU means that the student has received a degree and it is posted on the transcript. Both undergraduate and graduate students are allowed to participate in the 2015 Commencement Ceremonies if they:

  • Were awarded a degree in August or December 2014
  • Are Bachelor’s or Master’s candidates with intent to graduate in May 2015
  • Are Bachelor's candidates with no more than 30 semester hours remaining to complete by August or December 2015
  • Are Master's candidates with no more than 6 semester hours remaining to complete by August or December 2015
  • Are Doctoral candidates with approval from the Doctoral Program

May I submit my Application for Degree if CAPP shows unmet requirements?
Yes. Your Academic Records Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar will review your degree audit, but it is your responsibility to check CAPP before the close of the registration period (end of the first week of class) in your application term to ensure that all requirements are met. After the first week of classes, late registration may not be approved and classes cannot be dropped from your schedule without a grade of W.

What is the process for awarding degrees?
After all academic work is reviewed in conjunction with the Deans' Offices, the Office of the Registrar awards or cancels degrees of students who had submitted an Application for Degree. It may take up to four weeks before your degree is posted.

Can my Application for Degree be canceled?
Yes.  It is important that degree applicants review their CAPP report to confirm whether or not degree and program requirements are met. Items in NOT MET status should alert students that they possibly may not qualify to graduate and/or walk in Commencement 2015. In cases when the CAPP report is not met, students should consider the following and supply documentation, if necessary:

  • Was the requirement previously fulfilled at another school? The official transcript(s) from that school and/or Transfer Course Approval may be missing. Refer to Student Services > Student Records > Transfer Information on PROWL for details.
  • Did substituting one course for another fulfill the requirement? A Petition for CAPP Adjustment must be approved by the Dean’s Office and submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the end of the degree term. CAPP looks for exact LMU course numbering to fulfill requirements.
  • Will the requirement be fulfilled at another school during 2015? A Transfer Course Approval must be submitted. Please note: Any work taken elsewhere for Spring 2014 must be completed prior to the end of the LMU Spring semester in order to qualify for graduation and participation in Commencement. LMU does not allow enrollment at LMU and another school in the same term.
  • Are there any grades of Incomplete on your record? Students must have submitted missing coursework to the professor for the assignment of grade.
  • Will the degree be completed with courses taken at LMU in Fall or Summer 2015? If you have already registered, these courses will appear on CAPP.
  • If you have a second major and/or any minor which is not complete, this will cause your primary major’s degree to be canceled. Only active academic programs should appear on CAPP. Remember to drop any major or minor you are not actively pursuing before you submit the Application for Degree and no later than the end of the degree term.

Remember, if your CAPP does not show the Overall Degree Requirements at MET, you will not graduate. If it does not show MET, it is your responsibility to submit another Application for Degree in your next graduation term in which all degree and program requirements will be met. A degree date may not be backdated and the University will NOT refile for you. 

What degree date is posted on my transcript and diploma? 
The date of the degree is the one on which all graduation requirements are completed and documents are submitted. Degree dates are the respective Spring Commencement Weekend dates, August 31, or December 31. 

When will I receive my diploma?
Students do not receive their diplomas on the day of commencement. Rather, the diplomas will be mailed to the address provided on the application approximately 4-6 weeks after the degree completion date.

What if my diploma address and/or name changes after I petition to graduate?
Submit an updated Application for Degree with the appropriate update option checked or email any time prior to the diploma order date noted on PROWL: Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information.

  • Note that the diploma address cannot be updated on PROWL.
  • Remember, only legal names as found on the student record may be printed on the diploma; nicknames or unverified alternate names (e.g., a married or family name) are not acceptable. To change the student name on record, submit a Change of Name/Number form.

If I have a Controller's Hold, when will I get my diploma? 
These diplomas are processed after the hold is released by Student Financial Services. The student informs the Office of the Registrar of the hold removal via the online form, Request to Release Diploma after Account Hold Removal.

May I order a duplicate diploma? 
Yes, by completing a Request for Diploma Re-Issue.