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PROWL Transcript Request

Through PROWL

Currently enrolled students or former students with no enrollment history prior to Fall of 1988 may use PROWL. Transcripts ordered through PROWL are free.

NOTE: Students with enrollment history prior to 1988 should follow these steps.

  • Steps to requesting a transcript through PROWL: 

  • Access PROWL with your 9-digit University Identification Number (or SSN) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Reset your account if needed.
    • Select Student Services > Student Records > Request Official Transcript
    • Select "One of Your Addresses" 
    • Type name of organization or individual in the "Issue to" frame - 30 characters maximum (accommodate the rest of the address in Line2 1, 2, and 3)
  • Select "Continue"
    • Type specific address information in the appropriate address line, if necessary
    • Line 1 = attention to (30 character limit)
    • Line 2 = street number and name
    • Line 3 = suite, building, or room number
    • Type city, state, and zip code in areas designated
  • Select "Continue"
    • Request number of transcripts needed for this address - no more than 5 transcripts may be printed in a single request. If more than 5 are needed, please submit second transcript request.
    • Select when to print the transcript (If requesting it to be held for posting of grades or posting of degree, reference processing dates in bold)
    • Select delivery method (Standard Mail or Student pick-up)
    • Select "Continue"
    • Review Transcript Request Confirmation page and "Submit Request"
  • Allow 2-3 business days for processing

Please Note: If you require that an additional form (e.g., LSDAS, AMCAS, etc.) be sent with your transcript request, please FAX the completed form to (310) 338-4466 or scan the form and email it after you have completed your request on PROWL.