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The University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide Enrollment and Degree Verification certifications on its behalf. All requests for Degree or Enrollment Verifications for LMU students should be referred to the National Student Clearinghouse.

The National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service

The National Student Clearinghouse offers the following services:

  • Print your official Enrollment Verification certifications
  • View your enrollment history
  • View enrollment verifications provided to service providers at your request
  • Obtain a list of your student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information
  • Check loan deferment forms and electronic verifications sent to your lenders. NSC verifications are automatically sent to agencies, lenders, and servicers. CalGrant GPAs are processed electronically by the LMU Financial Aid Office.

Important note: Term enrollment information is reported one week after the close of the registration period and is updated monthly throughout the semester. Degree postings are reported approximately 45 business days after the degree dates in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Students with PROWL accounts

In PROWL (Student Services > Student Records > Enrollment Verification). Through its web-based Student Self-Service program, the NSC enables LMU students to print official LMU Enrollment Verifications free of charge to send to health insurers, housing and insurance providers, financial institutions, etc., requiring proof of enrollment.

Students without PROWL accounts (prior to 1988)

Students enrolled at LMU prior to PROWL may use this Request Form on the Registrar's website.

Institutions or Organizations Requesting Enrollment or Degree Verifications

Insurance companies, lending agencies, credit card companies, travel companies, consumer product companies, employment agencies must contact the National Student Clearinghouse directly. The NSC Degree Verify and Enrollment Verify Services are available to organizations or institutions requesting proofs of enrollment or degree for a fee. To request enrollment or degree verification certifications on LMU students, contact the NSC directly at

For questions, please e-mail:

 Additional Student Verification Requests