Dear Faculty,

Thank you for your interest in our Study Abroad program offerings. We hope, with the information provided, you will get a better understanding of the current processes for Study Abroad faculty selection. 

I) Selection of Faculty

It is important to understand, that the intent of teaching abroad - the application for a particular program - comes with responsibilities, academically as well as personally. Therefore this process involves different departments and offices within LMU to make an informed decision. The individual approval of a chair, dean, or study abroad program director, does not necessarily guarantee an acceptance to teach in a particular program. This decision is a joint effort to satisfy the priorities of departmental objectives, specific program curricula, and a diversity of overall course offerings on Study Abroad programs.

II) Application Frequency

LMU seeks to provide a wide-range of disciplines to our students and strives to benefit full-time faculty to participate in Study Abroad programs by harnessing their personal specialties and ideas. To this end, we would like to encourage faculty from all departments to speak with the program directors and with the Study Abroad Office. Decisions will favor faculty members who are new to Study Abroad over faculty who have participated in a program in the previous three years of the intended study abroad term, as long as the academics are suitable for the particular program. This is an effort to give all faculty members the chance to participate in an equitable manner.

III) Program Directors

Program Directors are faculty members who have designed the LMU Study Abroad programs listed below. Program Directors often, but not necessarily, participate in the programs in which they serve as directors. The Program Director is a key person to contact to learn about a program’s needs and desired learning outcomes. She or he would be able to share details of a program’s structural design and explain how courses should be devised so that they match the program’s onsite academic and cultural environment. In cases where there is no current Program Director, the Director of Study Abroad can serve in this role.

IV) Program Offerings

The list of Study Abroad programs listed below is a large part of LMU’s total international education offerings, but it is not an exhaustive list. The Study Abroad Office works in concert with several departments, colleges, and schools on campus to facilitate an even broader spectrum of programming. Should you know of a program not listed below and wish to teach on it, or wish to discuss new program development, please feel free to contact the Study Abroad Office or your respective department or dean’s office.

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