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Getting Started

If you’re looking to expand your worldview, learn more about yourself, and enhance the value of your college degree all while earning academic credit, you have come to the right place! 

It is never too early to begin planning your study abroad experience. Below is a checklist of things to do and consider when selecting a program that fits your personal interests as well as your academic needs.

Step 1: Set Your Personal and Academic Goals.

What are you hoping to get out of this study abroad experience? Are you looking to sharpen your language skills and be as immersed in another culture? Are you looking to fulfill core, major or elective requirements? Perhaps an internship opportunity? Understanding your goals and interests is crucial when choosing a study abroad experience.

Step 2: Meet With Your Academic Advisor.

It is necessary to discuss your LMU degree requirements with your academic advisor while choosing a study abroad program.  Your Academic Advisor will understand your LMU degree plan and can advise on the level of flexibility you have in using Study Abroad courses towards your degree.  Review your CAPP report with your Advisor to figure out what type of requirements you are hoping to fulfill through Study Abroad.  The longer you wait to incorporate studying abroad in your academic plan the more likely it is that you will limit your program options.  Ask about any specific requirements or limits that your major has in regards to study abroad. 

Step 3: Familiarize Yourself With Our Programs.

LMU offers several study abroad programs, some of which might suit your academic needs better than others. Understanding more about each program will help you identify the program you would like to apply for.  Use the Advanced Search features to search programs by class level, courses offered, GPA, Language requirements, housing options and financial aid applicability.  Institutional, Federal and State aid can apply to all featured programs (designated with a star). Non-featured programs are approved for credit transfer however Intitutional aid does not transfer for those programs.  Browse our program brochures!

Step 4: Research Your Financial Considerations And Establish A Budget.

LMU has made participating in a study abroad program a financially reasonable option by creating programs where the tuition and program fee costs are similar to the LMU cost of attendance. Although Institutional, Federal and State aid can apply to all featured programs, it is important to be aware of any additional costs and make arrangements accordingly. Each program brochure contains a budget sheet where you are able to view estimates of the tuition, program fee and the inclusions. Review the billable costs non-billed costs listed on the budget sheet. Some programs (Exchange) do not have a program fee and the housing and meal costs are paid directly to the host institution. We advise you to speak with the Financial Aid Office regarding your available aid.

Step 5: Attend Our Information Sessions And Study Abroad Fairs.

After reviewing this information it is highly recommended that you attend one of our mandatory information sessions prior to applying. These information sessions will discuss the above topics more in depth. You are encouraged to bring a list of questions. As well, be sure to look out for our biannual Study Abrod Fair on our events calendar!

Remember, for both semester and summer applications, you will be required to attend an Information Session before your application is considered complete. You must sign up before attending. RSVP's are made through our information sessions page.

Step 6: Make An Advising Appointment With A Study Abroad Coordinator.

For semester applications, an advising meeting with a Study Abroad Coordinator is required. Once you have attended an information session, chosen a program, and started the application process, refer to the appointment page to find out which Study Abroad Coordinator manages the program that you are applying to and make your appointment. Students applying to Exchange programs are especially encouraged to meet their Study Abroad Coordinator early and start the application process as soon as it opens!

Step 7: Apply!

Application fees are not charged until the entire application is completed, so don't be afraid to start exploring the process. Just click "Apply Now" on the program brochure to begin.

Make sure you are aware of all the application requirements and deadlines. Remember, summer applications are accepted on a rolling basis (that means first come, first serve) so don’t delay!