Hands-On Technology Workshops

‌‌‌Hands-On Technology Workshops are designed to enable faculty to explore and experiment with different technologies, in the hopes of getting faculty interested in teaching with technology. Rather than showcasing what faculty have done and are currently doing with technology, these Workshops will allow faculty not using a specific technology to investigate the pedagogical possibilities offered by it.

A Faculty Sponsor for these Workshops will not usually be an individual who has worked extensively with a specific or a similar technology, but rather, someone who is intrigued by the opportunities offered by the technology and wishes to explore it further. Sponsors will work with Academic Technology in planning and running these events. Each Sponsor will introduce their Workshop by talking about her/his interest in and, if appropriate, experiences with the technology in question, as well as some ideas for how one might use the technology. The rest of the workshop will involve the participants getting hands-on experience with the highlighted technology, guided by Instructional Technologists. For a list of past Workshops, click here.

Workshops for Fall 2017

Soliciting Student Engagement on Brightspace: ECHO 360 and Discussion Board‌
James Bunker (Communication Studies)
October 26th from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm in LSB 330
Visual Design and Authorship in Brightspace
Luís Proença (Production)
November 15th from 12:30 - 1:30 pm in LSB 330