Online/Hybrid Course Development Workshops and Grants

Developed in cooperation with the Center for Teaching Excellence and Academic Technology, the Online/Hybrid Course Development Workshops are hands-on opportunities for faculty members to:

  • Explore and discuss online and hybrid course design, taking into consideration the many particularities of online teaching.
  • Explore and discuss different online and hybrid pedagogies, in particular around how to create an interactive learning environment for students and to design appropriate activities, assignments, and projects for online/hybrid settings.
  • Learn about and try out different technologies.
  • Be inspired by their colleagues’ experiences, ideas, and feedback.
  • Work on developing their own ideas for online/hybrid teaching.

These multi-day Workshops will take place during the summer and are open to all interested LMU faculty, regardless of status. Faculty members will be asked to come with ideas for specific online/hybrid courses and any materials that they may have already developed.  There are also grants available for full-time, tenure-line and clinical faculty to support their participation in the workshops.  For the Workshops schedule & descriptions for 2017, click here.

Online/Hybrid Course Development Grants

Full-time, tenure-line and clinical faculty are eligible to apply for grants to enable them to combine participation in the Workshops with work towards the development of a new online/hybrid course. Faculty members can only receive grants to support the development of new online/hybrid courses or the transformation of an existing non-online/hybrid course into an online/hybrid modality.

Each grant recipient will receive a base stipend of $500 plus a stipend of $300 per workshop attended, with a minimum of two workshops required and a maximum of five workshops allowed. Faculty stipends can thus range from $1100 to $2000. Stipends will typically be paid out in two installments, an initial payment based on the number of workshops attended and the final payment of $500 (the base stipend) upon submission of the final report and course proposal.  

Further details concerning the Workshops, Grant Application, and required Final Report and Draft Syllabus will be provided in spring 2018.