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Academic Awards Convocation

The Academic Awards Convocation recognizes candidates for graduation who have flourished within the threefold purpose of the University as expressed in the preamble to the University’s mission statement: the encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice. Student honorees have risen to the challenge of the Jesuit and Marymount traditions and have, by their example, enriched our educational community.

Watch the Ceremony

Please join us in celebrating the students who have achieved the highest academic record within their respective programs of study. Other honorees will be recognized for their extraordinary record of service to the University and to the greater community. These students are the pride of LMU.

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  • Welcome
    Provost Thomas Poon, Ph.D.
  • Invocation
    Father Eddie Siebert, S.J.
  • The Presentation of Awards
  • Closing

Program Scholars

The Program Scholars are recognized as having achieved the most outstanding academic records in their respective majors, determined by such factors as grade point average and rigor of program in his or her field of study. Each of these bachelor’s degree candidates has completed at least sixty graded semester hours in residence at the University.

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

African American Studies
Charlene Martin

Asian and Pacific Studies
Malcolm Harold Kam

Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies
Barbara Velasco

Classics and Archaeology
Julia Ellen Donahue

Economics (B.A.)
Marcela Lozano

Economics (B.S.)
Margaret Catherine Gallagher

Léopoldine Rigaud

Environmental Studies
Reilly Grzywacs

Kiana Karimi

Megan Vanessa Loreto

International Relations
Zachary Lee Cameron

Cassandra Esparza-Villarreal

Liberal Studies
Julia Margaret Jackson

Modern Languages
Lucie Everett

Adriana Donkers

Political Science
Jessica Sarah Flaum

Stephanie Nina Milbrodt

Nakia Kerin King

Olivia Simone Sica

Theological Studies
Anna Gabriella Guerrero

Urban Studies
Barbara Velasco

Women's and Gender Studies
Katie Elizabeth Sottlemire

College of Business Administration

Jessica L. Fouch

Applied Information Management Systems
Olivia Simone Sica

Joshua Kawika Hee

Ethan Michael Prost

Madeleine Rose Gruber

Natalie Jordan Phillips Boyle

College of Communication and Fine Arts

Art History
Rebecca Catherine Simor

Communication Studies
Morgan Ashley Fitchlee
Ruby Lauren Murphy

Victoria N. Shaw

Gabrielle J. Poma

Studio Arts
Kai Henthorn-Iwane

Theatre Arts
Jessica Sarah Flaum

Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Kevin S. Chang

Biology (B.A.)
Ava Toluie

Biology (B.S.)
Leonardo Gonzalez-Smith

Thomas Joseph Kelly

Civil Engineering
Carlos Jesus Yvellez

Computer Science
Madelyn Claire Louis

Electrical Engineering
Matthew Richard Low

Environmental Science
Amy Louise Alverson

Health and Human Science
Ramona Khanna

Mathematics (B.S.)
Taylor Mikels Flanagan

Mathematics, Applied
Joshua Mariz

Mechanical Engineering
Allen Iwamoto

Calvin Thomas Foss

Jerome J. Korth Science and Engineering Core Award
Amenah Awawdeh

School of Education

Elementary Education
Sophia Rosalyn Farland


Secondary Education
Shannon Hailey O'Kane

School of Film and Television

Bridget O'Connor

Film and Television Production
Haley Bulen

Film, Television, and Media Studies
Christian Dean Parker


Recording Arts
Elizabeth McKinley Ladd

Matthew James Farren

College and School Scholars

These scholars are recognized for having the most outstanding academic records in their respective college or school, determined by such factors as grade point average and rigor of program. The School of Education Scholar is selected from the graduating seniors who have indicated a future interest in teaching by majoring in Liberal Studies within the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and/or minoring with the School of Education.

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, The Erlandson Award
Stephanie Nina Milbrodt

College of Business Administration
Ethan Michael Prost

College of Communication and Fine Arts
Ruby Lauren Murphy

Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering - Engineering
Matthew Richard Low

Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering - Mathematics and Science
Madelyn Claire Louis

School of Film and Television
Matthew James Farren

School of Education Scholar of the Year
Shannon Hailey O'Kane

University Scholar of the Year

This award recognizes the graduating senior who has the most outstanding academic record of the Class of 2021, taking into account grade point average and rigor of overall program. This is the most prestigious academic honor awarded to an undergraduate by the University.

Madelyn Claire Louis
Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Science

Computer Science major
Asian Pacific Studies minor

Class of 2021 Valedictorian

One student from the Class of 2021 is chosen to “say farewell” on behalf of the graduating class on Commencement Day. The Valedictorian has achieved a minimum 3.7 grade point average after at least sixty graded semester hours in residence at the University and is selected on the basis of a speech presented to the Valedictorian Selection Committee, a delegation of faculty, administration and students representative of the University.

Teresa Mai Ueunten

College of Communication and Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts

Studio Arts major with a concentration in Multimedia
Computer Science minor

Presidential Citations

Presidential Citations are awarded by the President to the graduating seniors nominated by the academic community and selected by a committee of faculty and administration for outstanding academic record, leadership, and service. The awardees have earned this distinction by demonstrating their commitment to the University mission in their own unique ways.

Juan Ignacio Belardi
Haley Bulen
Kevin S. Chang
Jenica Rose O. Garcia
Mikayla Lynn Gingrey-Osborne
Leonardo Gonzalez-Smith
Natalia Hernandez

Elizabeth McKinley Ladd
Leigh Lewis
Elsie Aurora Mares
Peter Gordon Martin
Christina Alyssa Martinez
Rena McInerney-Olk

Lauren Nichole Love Morrison
Lucille Sum-Wai Njoo
William Jaeger Oxley
Taylor Joy Pajunen
Olivia Simone Sica
Nicole Ann E. Villa
Kyle William Wilson

The Ignatian Award

The Ignatian Award is a tradition shared by many Jesuit educational institutions. While each school chooses its own criteria and may offer the award to students, alumni, or even members of the greater community, the varying forms of the award are united by their function of recognizing outstanding service in the Jesuit tradition. LMU’s Ignatian Award is given annually to one of the men awarded a Presidential Citation. He is selected by a committee of faculty and administrators for his selfless service, ethical leadership, and academic excellence.

Leonardo Gonzalez-Smith

Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Science

Biology major
Biochemistry minor

The Marian Award

The Marian Award is a tradition unique to LMU overseen by members of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, the sisters affiliated with LMU through the merger with Marymount College. This award has evolved to complement the Ignatian Award by recognizing one woman from the Presidential Citation awardees who has held true to the Marian ideals by proving herself a model of service, leadership, and academic achievement.

Mikayla Lynn Gingrey-Osbourne

School of Film and Television
Bachelor of Arts

Screenwriting major
Political Science and History minors

The Arrupe Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

The Arrupe Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award is reserved for a graduating senior who has shown a record of explicit work with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues. The award is named in honor of Jesuit Superior General Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J., who worked tirelessly for the promotion of justice in the service of faith. The awardee is selected by the University Intercultural Council who selects a student who demonstrates both robust academic achievement and outstanding DEI academic contributions.

Elsie Aurora Mares

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts

Political Science major with concentration in Political Science
Economics minor