Faculty Endorsement Request

Dear LMU Faculty or Staff:

A student in the Academic Community of Excellence (ACE) Program at LMU is applying for The Marshall Sauceda Rising Scholar Award. This award recognizes an emerging undergraduate researcher or creative artist in the ACE Program.

Because of your recent supervision of the student’s research or creative work, he/she requests that you submit a one-page description of (a) his/her potential for future scholarly research or creative work, (b) your estimation of the significance or value of the project, and (c) why you believe he/she is worthy of this award.  

Please email your recommendation to Steven Neal, ACE Director, at Steven.Neal@lmu.edu by Wednesday, February 1, 2018.   

Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration. We look forward to receiving your recommendation.

Best regards,

The Marshall Sauceda Rising Scholar Award Committee