Celebrating First-Gen Graduates

Congratulations Class of 2020!


To our First-Gen Graduates,

You made it! You made it and have made us so proud. You have made your families, friends, and community proud by making your mark as the first in your family to graduate. You have built a legacy and have created waves of change that will be felt by many to come, as your accomplishment doubles as a torch. You are passing that torch down to the next first-generation college student and letting them know that they can do this too. This is what it means to be #firstgenforever. Your radical love, fighting spirit, and fervor to create a better tomorrow has always been your purpose and this is your “now,” this is your moment. Bask in this achievement, enjoy what you have accomplished, and relish the path you have created with the intentionality, agency, and connection that only first-gen college students can face the world with.

We thank you for letting First To Go and Loyola Marymount University witness you and your magic. We cannot express just how much you will be missed. But this is not a goodbye, fellow change agents, solution seekers, and pioneers. This is a "see you later." You are our partners in this beautiful fight for justice and we are honored to have you by our side.

To honor you, we have created a virtual First To Go Graduating Senior Salute. Included are a couple messages, a few memories, and couple (a lot) of tears. We’ll remember you always, Class of 2020.

For further information regarding commencement, here is a special message from President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.


To access the video, click on the picture below!